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Even the least technologically-inclined industries find themselves needing guidance and support for digital marketing in Denver because it is such an essential part of running a successful business. That was the case for Ethos General Contractors owner, Constantine Anest. Constantine has been operating as a hail damage roofing contractor in Denver, Fort Collins, and other surrounding communities for more than a decade. While his reputation was impeccable and referral business was proving abundant, Constantine wanted to do more. So, he came to us.

Search Engine Optimization

One problem most service-based organizations face is communicating their ability to work in different communities. Ethos’ previous Denver digital marketing agency had gotten the ball rolling creating navigation on the website that indicated the different cities and suburbs Ethos could provide their services, but navigation without content wasn’t enough for those homeowners to find Ethos. When Constantine came to us seeking more effective digital marketing in Denver, we started with the content. We needed to let both Google AND the consumers in the market know what kind of services Ethos General Contractors could offer and where they could do it. We began building out the website content, following SEO best practices, and became a contender online.

Content Marketing

If you know anything about digital marketing in Denver, you know that SEO is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing process that requires diligent maintenance. Constantine and his team understood the value of providing information to consumers, but there was not a digital marketing strategy behind the blogs they created. In order to maintain the strength of the initial SEO work that was put into the site, our digital marketing experts teamed up with the Ethos pros to create unique, informative content that not only positioned the site highly for “hard-to-reach” keywords, but also made him stand out among his competitors as a trustworthy and transparent roofing contractor. This became the cornerstone content for the social media marketing strategy we put in place for Ethos.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

To round out the Denver digital marketing trifecta, we created a robust PPC campaign to ensure that Ethos General Contractors stayed in front of their ideal consumers at all points of the buyer’s journey. All of these efforts proved fruitful for Ethos General Contractors, but one key element was missing. Consumers were finding the website, but they weren’t converting.

UX (User-Experience) Research

Our UX experts were on it. They began heat mapping the website to determine drop off points and opportunities for improvement. Teaming up with our graphic designers and web developers, we made adjustments to the sitemap to improve the overall functionality of the site.

Website Design

The crux of digital marketing in Denver falls to the website of the company. You can send as many people as you want to a website, but if they don’t perform the desired action once they are there, you have to question the capabilities of the source. Upon determining how users were interacting with the Ethos digital assets, we began to make adjustments. From making the site easier to navigate to leveraging strategically placed calls to action, we gently nudged the Ethos General Contractors website to do a complete 180.

Traditional Marketing Efforts

As a full-service advertising agency, we know that digital marketing in Denver can’t be the only method used to make a marketing strategy fire on all cylinders. The next step was to create branded collateral for Ethos to leverage outside of the digital world.

Direct Mail (EDDM)

Timing is essential in the roofing business. As a Denver digital marketing agency, we are used to working with fast turnarounds and tight deadlines to strategically position our clients, and it’s no different when we are offline. We put on our meteorologist hats to follow hail storms in Colorado and target the affected homes with a timely and informative direct mailer. Constantine and his team are always out in hail-damaged neighborhoods knocking on doors and offering their expertise to help homeowners make the best decision, but they can only cover so much ground. The storm-central direct mail campaign served two purposes - an introduction to the company who’d later be on their front porch, as well as a resource for the homeowners the Ethos team couldn’t talk to face to face.

Trade Show Booth Design

As a leading storm damage repair contractor, Ethos is highly sought after to attend trade shows and exhibitions. In order to help them stand out in a sea of sameness, we created an eye-catching and functional trade show booth, supported by collateral that was true to brand, both from a visual perspective and with the content they included.

Digital Marketing In Denver Keeps A Roof Over Your Head

FiG Advertising + Marketing is ecstatic to enter another year with Ethos General Contractors, helping them execute an effective digital marketing strategy that turns leads into lifelong customers. If you are interested in working with a Denver digital marketing agency to start making your digital assets do the leg work for you, contact our team today.


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