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Longtime friend and client, Dr. Gregory Funk, came to FiG Advertising + Marketing with a goal to help people lead a healthier life - and fight hunger while doing it. As a Denver chiropractor, Dr. Funk sees the negative impact our everyday lives have on our bodies and works closely with his patients to counteract this. When he was introduced to Metagenics, a leading supplement company, he found a way to prevent some of the negative impacts an overly sedentary, overly stressed, and overly fed life has on our health before they even become a problem. HopeNWellness was created to offer these supplements that support healthy living to more people. In order to get the brand in front of a larger audience, Dr. Funk needed our help. We created an affiliate marketing strategy to get HopeNWellness off the ground.

Branding HopeNWellness

In order to get these high-quality supplements in front of the right people, Dr. Funk’s business needed appropriate branding. The FiG brand development team started from scratch. We worked through an iterative design process with Dr. Funk to develop a brand identity that closely aligned with the key goals for the organization.

The name, HopeNWellness, was chosen because it reflected the hope for Americans to receive the sustenance they need and it reflected the idea of wellness for all. With the name nailed down, our graphic designer worked through a series of logo designs before landing on the current design of two lines crossing to form a circle. We believe that the final design represents the two core goals of HopeNWellness just as much as the name does as well.

Website Design

The affiliate marketing strategy we created for HopeNWellness leaned heavily toward a content-centric model. Thus, a traditional sitemap wouldn’t make sense for the way a user might interact with the site. Our graphic designer and UX expert worked tirelessly to create a site that lent itself to regular content updates and could be easily separated based on target audience. The finalized website design provides visitors access to a plethora of blog content that then links to other Metagenics products to provide information up-front to encourage purchases.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We needed to create interesting and valuable content about the two partnered companies, HopeNWellness and Metagenics, as well as the products themselves in order to execute effective affiliate advertising. We performed extensive research to determine what the most popular products were, as well as which products needed an extra boost to penetrate the market. Effective affiliate marketing requires you to work in conjunction with the primary organization to create a symbiotic digital relationship. While Metagenics itself takes a more widespread approach to health and wellness in their marketing efforts, we took a more granular approach to the content that would support our affiliate marketing strategy.

For each of the targeted products, we’ve optimized around the branded name, the symptoms, and the benefits. This serves to not only create authority surrounding the HopeNWellness brand name, but to also reach consumers in the various stages of the buyer’s journey. By diligently creating these pieces of SEO content, we have seen some outstanding results for the HopeNWellness brand. Some of our more notable statistics include:

  • An increase of 1,770% in monthly user sessions year-over-year.
  • A 1,973% increase in monthly pageviews year-over-year.
  • An average click-through-rate of 4.8% since the site launched.

To top it all off, the HopeNWellness site now ranks on the first page of search engine results for over 90 keywords. These impressive SEO metrics undoubtedly blend seamlessly into our affiliate marketing strategy. As we continue to publish content on the site, we’re positive that these stats will continue to increase.

Non-Profit Marketing

One of the most unique elements of the HopeNWellness business model is the relationship with Feeding America. Affiliate-based marketing programs include a commission, paid by the primary business to its affiliates based on the traffic or sales that are made on the secondary site. In the case of HopeNWellness, a portion of this commission goes right back into the community through Feeding America. We support this mission by promoting the relationship, not only in the content marketing but also across the HopeNWellness social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great tool for us to leverage on behalf of HopeNWellness because it allows us to provide a more personal touch to the content, as well as creating the opportunity to engage with current and (hopefully) future customers. Through social media, we can share user experiences with the Metagenics supplements, answer questions about the products, and get a better idea of what tactics in our affiliate marketing strategy are working in real time.

To acquire a larger following on social media, our digital marketing experts have implemented a number of social media ad campaigns. We have aimed to make these advertising efforts highly targeted and to hone in on the pain points that the Metagenics products are designed to address. In the short time that these campaigns have run, we’ve seen:

  • A monthly average increase of 367% in followers/likes.
  • A monthly average increase of 16.88% in site visitors via social media.
  • And a quarterly increase of 52% in organic post reach.

The social media following for HopeNWellness will continue to grow as our advertising efforts continue. In the future, we will reformat the campaigns to tie more directly into the affiliate marketing efforts to boost sales of Metagenics products available on through the HopeNWellness store.

HopeNWellness | FiG Advertising + Marketing

By sticking to our multi-pronged marketing approach, FiG has been able to efficiently support the continued growth and success of HopeNWellness. Our staff of talented marketers will continue to refine our marketing strategies and work diligently to improve the online visibility of HopeNWellness. This innovative company works to make proper nutrition easily accessible and we want to support that mission in any way that we can.

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