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LuxePak is a state-of-the-art small travel case that is designed to organize toiletry items, and prevent them from spilling in luggage, even at high altitudes. The sleek, durable, and water-tight design is the ideal solution for frequent fliers who want a luxury, stress-free travel experience. When entering the market with a new product, penetration can be difficult. No matter how innovative and life-changing it may be, certain steps must be taken to get your information in front of the right buyers. As a leading market research firm in Denver, we work with a number of new products who need marketing support to successfully enter the market. LuxePak was no different and we were eager to add another client to our product marketing agency. Our partnership with LuxePak kicked off in 2016 and we wasted no time getting to work.

Market Research

FiG Advertising + Marketing understands the ins-and-outs of the marketing world, so we know the fundamental role market research plays in market penetration. The biggest question for LuxePak was, “What is the best way to position this product in the luxury travel industry?”

The luxury travel industry is a unique beast because the customers expect a limited amount of stress and hassle when preparing for a trip. Large companies have dominated the space for many years and most long-time occupants of the market have established routines. This makes market penetration for a new product or service that much more difficult, but our market research firm in Denver was up to the challenge.

If we hoped to succeed at our product marketing efforts, we needed to uncover key insights that would help distinguish the LuxePak brand for our target audience. Our primary and secondary market research efforts reveal a number of insights we would leverage in the development of their marketing strategy.

  • Volume - both online and off - would be essential in order to differentiate the product in an overly saturated market.
  • Segmentation and nano-targeting would be the only way to reach the ideal customer.
  • The messaging to different audiences would need to change in order to make an impact. Millennials are looking for something that is going to make their travel experiences more enjoyable, while Baby Boomers would be seeking out long-lasting and high-quality products to invest in.

With these insights, our product marketing agency had a solid starting place to begin developing branding and messaging that would make an impact on the target audience.

Brand Development

The business model of LuxePak was in the developmental stage when we partnered with the product designers. This gave us opportunity to position the brand strategically in the luxury travel space. In order to do this, our creative team started by concepting logos that would stand out and clearly communicate the value proposition.

Logo Design

Your logo is often the most tangible part of your brand, even for a product. It is first thing people associate with and remember about your products or services. In such a competitive space with a customer base that would not be inclined to change their routine, we knew that the logo would be that much more important.

LuxePak provided a very distinct benefit - an organized and safe way to transport toiletries. It was only natural that the logo would follow suit with a clean, simple, and sophisticated look. Throughout the collaborative process of designing the logo, we developed a direct, yet elegant logo that would perfectly complement the product itself, as well as additional branding. With the logo design in place, we moved onto the next piece of important branding.

Product Packaging

The next step to rolling out this product to the ideal consumer market was aligning product packaging with the wants and needs of the audience. For many consumers, the product packaging is just as important as the product itself. If we hope to succeed at our product marketing efforts, we needed to create incredible packaging for LuxePak.

As our market research firm worked through our research phase, we analyzed the look, feel, color, and texture of other products that we'd be competing against and popular items that our audience favored. We recognized that the products that performed the best in our targeted space conveyed quality, luxury, and glamour to our high-class customers. We then set out to develop product packaging that aligned with those concepts.

Website Design

As a product-marketing agency, we knew that the product wouldn't succeed without an effective website design. With the brand identity secured, the next step was to develop the perfect e-commerce website for the LuxePak product marketing efforts. We let the preferred user experiences we identified through research guide the designs for the website. We needed a site that was sleek and appealed to high-brow customers who wanted to invest in their travel experience more than anything else.

The end result was a fully integrated e-commerce website that was easy-to-use, aesthetically appealing and conveyed the most important features of LuxePak - that the product would enhance your travel experience. We wrote content and incorporated visuals that spoke the luxury language.

LuxePak | FiG Advertising + Marketing

Product marketing is an exciting space because it is a high-risk/high-reward opportunity. It is important that a new product enters the market right the first time and we are proud to have helped LuxePak do exactly that.

If you're developing a product and want to make a splash when entering the market and start developing life-long, loyal customers from the very beginning, FiG is the product marketing agency you can trust. Contact the team of experts at our product marketing agency today to set up a meeting.


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