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redcup Beverage Service is, as you probably guessed, a beverage service provider that is dedicated to providing high-quality, great tasting office coffee, tea, and water services to businesses throughout the Denver Metro area. Locally owned and operated by Christopher Anson, redcup brings freshly roasted coffee, organic teas, fresh water, and more right to your office with the kind of exemplary customer service you can't get anywhere else. Chris knew he had something valuable to offer the rapidly-growing corporate market here in Denver, but he needed to seek out seasoned marketers who would excel at marketing for local service providers. Our website development agency was eager to get to work and we're proud to report that we've accomplished our goals for redcup.

Web Development

In a service-based industry, it is important that all points of interaction for the client parallel the experience you provide. This starts from the very first time a prospective customer has the opportunity to interact with your company. As a small, local company, redcup Beverage Service had their work cut out for them to outperform national competition online.

At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we specialize as a website development agency and we excel at marketing for local service providers. We take a personalized approach to the development of each client website to ensure that the marketing collateral we provide for service providers directly aligns with their business. After we developed a thorough understanding of redcup, we set out to develop their new website.


Our website developers started from scratch with redcup. We began by relying on a highly flexible content management system that afforded us the flexibility to design a completely custom site. We analyzed how customers might want to interact with the site to develop content that supported the buyer's journey, instead of disrupting it.


At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we take the time to understand what makes your business unique and how you’re different from your competitors. As a top website development agency in Denver, we did the same thing with redcup.

The owner of redcup Beverage Service, Christopher Anson, has an encyclopedic wealth of knowledge on coffee that he uses to create an unrivaled customer experience. You can ask him about roasting methods, flavor profiles, or even delivery systems - no one can match his level of expertise and background.

We knew this customer experience was the unique value proposition that we needed to build his website around. The content we developed (which was optimized for search engines) differentiated his business from others and demonstrated the authority that redcup had over the industry.

Data Collection

In order to make educated adjustments based on user insights, we are continuously analyzing data from a number of sources, including Google Analytics (GA). In just a few weeks since the website was launched, we began to reach some outstanding benchmarks:

  • Our initial bounce rate was 36.45%, which indicated we were pulling in a relevant audience for the business.
  • Average session rates exceeded 2 minutes. This means our visitors were engaged with our website content enough to stay for a respectable amount of time.
  • Visitors were visiting 4 pages per session, which further strengthened the relevancy of our content.

Search Engine Optimization

Our website development agency knows that a pretty website means nothing if no one can find it. Which is why our team of digital marketing specialists ensured that the content of the redcup website was optimized around a highly specific keywords, like “office tea service,” coffee service Denver,” and “Denver beverage.”

But, that was just the start. Today, redcup Beverage Service has been indexed for thousands of relevant keywords, including more than 250 queries where the site appears on the first page. We’ve achieved this by implementing a number of SEO best practices, including a rigorous content creation strategy, link building campaign, and more.

Within just 5 months from launch, our analytics showed:

  • More than 60% of redcup’s website visits came from organic search.
  • The website had a conversion rate of 4.5%.
  • The redcup client list had tripled.

We revisited the success of the redcup site in a case study that was published roughly two years after our partnership first began. Within those two years, our website development agency had helped redcup:

  • A 97% increase in site visitors year-over-year.
  • An impressive growth of 35% in total clicks year-over-year.
  • Rake in 6x the revenue they acquired before our partnership began.

Ongoing Success Through Marketing For Local Service Providers

Within the first year of our partnership, redcup’s revenue had increased by nearly 3,500% and, as we've shown above, those results have continued to increase. Thanks to the ongoing digital marketing efforts of our website development agency, redcup Beverage Service has seen significant ROI due to their increased business. And FiG won’t stop there.

Our staff has continued to develop SEO content for our client, we've strategically scheduled social media campaigns, and we'll continue to find new opportunities to optimize the digital presence for redcup Beverage Service. More business is never a bad thing and we’ll work diligently to acquire more for redcup.

redcup Beverage Service | FiG Advertising + Marketing

In just a few years, we’ve drastically improved the online visibility of redcup through thoughtful and extensive website redesign efforts. Compared to their original website, the updated redcup website has significantly higher impressions, click through rates, and conversion rates. With intuitive website design and well-thought out search engine optimization, any small business can see significant results. That's how we approach marketing for local service providers and other small businesses in the Denver metro area.

Give your business the caffeine rush that it has been missing and contact our website development agency to get your first fix.


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