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Spark Interiors is a Denver-based interior design firm run by local businesswoman, Megan Thompson. Prior to their partnership with FiG, Spark Interiors was an up-and-coming residential interior design organization and they wanted to penetrate the commercial market. Knowing how challenging it would be to accomplish this task alone, Megan approached FiG Advertising + Marketing to transform her website into a marketing tool that would do some of the leg work for her. Megan enlisted the help of our digital marketing experts to increase her exposure to potential commercial clients and improve her overall digital presence, ensuring that site visitors recognize her skill and expertise. As a top digital marketing agency in Denver, we understood that marketing for interior design firms would be no walk in the park. In order to succeed at our marketing efforts, we developed a comprehensive digital strategy that would play a key role in helping her accomplish her professional goals.

Branding and Logo Design

Part of what caused the Spark Interiors name to fall flat among large, corporate clients was an inconsistent brand identity. When large companies are ready to spend money, they want to ensure they are working with a reputable organization who is among, if not the best in their industry. One way to effectively convey this positioning is through consistent and identifiable brand presence. In a digital world, your brand can be a make-or-break point for attracting and converting business, so our graphic design team worked closely with Thompson to workout the details that would bring the unique aspects of the Spark Interiors brand together, thus taking the first step in giving the high-dollar clients Spark Interiors wanted to attract peace of mind that they were working with a respectable firm.

We knew that a cohesive and uniform brand presence would be key to implementing an effective marketing strategy for this boutique interior design firm. In order to achieve this look, we approached the brand development and logo design through collaborative iterations with the business owner. After identifying what the brand and logo needed to communicate, we developed a sleek and simple design for Spark Interiors that effectively captured the essential aesthetic of the business. This is always a vital element when you are conducting marketing for interior design firms.

The new Spark Interiors brand was then updated on all digital platforms and throughout the physical collateral Megan relied on to communicate with current and potential clients to create an easily-recognized brand identity that accurately reflected the business. Now, not only is the Spark Interiors messaging consistent, professional, and aesthetically appealing, but it also establishes the company within a highly competitive market as a modern interior design firm. Our work on the Spark Interiors brand earned FiG a Gold MarCom award in 2018.

Website Design For Interior Design Firm

The first step in any effective web design project is a thorough analysis of the strengths and opportunities of a site. We analyzed how the current site was performing against competitors in the SERPs, as well as how bots and human users were interacting with the site once they got there. We discovered two key opportunities that would give the Spark Interiors website the highest chance for success online:

  • The user experience needed to be enhanced to support the sleek, simple brand identity we established.
  • The content on the site needed to be more informative to establish authority in the space from Spark Interiors, specifically in the commercial design space.

Our team of web design experts performed extensive research to determine what kind of digital experience residential and commercial design clients were looking for. We applied the knowledge to the site interface to streamline the user-experience and get potential customers to where they wanted to be with a little friction as possible. In addition to a site map and design that supported a hassle-free experience (that is, in fact, why you'd hire a designer in the first place, right?), we conducted keyword research to determine what people were looking for when they wanted the expertise of an interior designer. We then wrote directly to the questions and concerns of potential clients so that the Spark Interiors website would not only be found but also trusted when users had queries in her space.

Roughly two months after the website updates were completed and implemented, the Spark Interiors digital presence exploded as web traffic to the site tripled and the bounce rate decreased by more than 150 percent. The website redesign was so impressive that FiG even received a Platinum MarCom award in 2018 for our work on the Spark Interiors website.

Search Engine Marketing

We find it hard to truly separate the web design process from effective search engine marketing. They truly work hand-in-hand to create the optimal experience for a user. In fact, user experience is a key factor in Google's ranking algorithm. Our SEO efforts for Spark Interiors were so effective that we increased organic search traffic to the website by 120 percent and tripled the number of new visitors to their site.

Search engine marketing rarely stops at organic optimization. We've also developed a robust pay-per-click campaign for Spark Interiors to increase the visibility the site experiences for a handful of highly-specific queries. The cost-per-click for interior design-related queries is exceptionally high, so it was important to leverage the expertise of our digital marketing specialists to ensure maximum ROI. Since we began running a targeted PPC campaign on Spark Interior's behalf, we've seen a number of qualified leads come through, a high percentage of which have turned into clients.

Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing for interior design firms, a well-designed website optimized for search engines needs the support of supplementary marketing tactics that can support the stand-alone brand presence we're striving for. Thus, we worked closely with Megan to understand the client experience and develop a robust marketing automation strategy that helps Spark Interiors stay top-of-mind for website visitors.

Direct Mail Campaigns

There is only so much that we can accomplish as a digital marketing agency in Denver. Our team of marketing experts felt that some traditional media would be an effective way to round out the comprehensive marketing strategy we had created for Spark Interiors as a local interior design firm in Denver. We designed impactful mailers that were aesthetically captivating and spoke directly to our ideal audience and leveraged the data we collected to send to the most promising potential clients, including Denver residents who'd just moved into a new home and would be seeking the expertise of an interior designer. We knew that traditional media had its part to play in marketing for interior design firms and we set out to achieve the best results for Spark Interiors.

Spark Interiors | FiG Advertising + Marketing

It didn't take long to convey the value that our client, Megan Thompson from Spark Interiors, had to offer. In the last few years, since we began working with Spark, we've improved her digital presence so much that she regular appears on the first page of Google for a number of residential and commercial-related queries. Not all efforts for marketing for interior design firms can be so successful.

In addition, we regularly see both organic and paid online traffic convert into profitable clients that also refer business to Spark Interiors because their experience is so great. Our marketing for this interior design firm continues to expand as the Spark Interiors client base grows steadily.

If your marketing strategy needs an innovative spark from industry experts, contact our digital marketing agency in Denver today to get started.


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