USA Cricket

Branding USA Cricket With Reliable Market Research Findings

Cricket may not be as popular in the United States as American football, but the sport is headed in a new direction. It was only fitting that on the 173rd anniversary of the first international match that the new USA Cricket brand be launched. With the extensive experience that Adrenalin Sports Marketing (a division of Real FiG Advertising + Marketing) has within the National Governing Body (NGB) world, our team knew the best approach to take when creating the identity for this new NGB.

Adrenalin led the process that included engagement with the cricket community (including surveys and feedback from the ICC and USA advisory groups) that led to a clear understanding of what elements would be included in the mark to best represent the sport and the new organization. The launch of USA Cricket is the first step to introducing the sport of cricket to millions of new fans as well as providing structure and guidance to participants, old and new, across the country. Adrenalin looks forward to the impact USA Cricket will have on the sport worldwide.  

“Adrenalin was the perfect partner for us to work with to develop a brand that represents both the history and future of cricket in the United States. Their thorough process allowed us to engage our key stakeholders early on and their experience and creativity turned that feedback into an identity that the U.S. cricket community can be proud of both now and well into the future.” 
– Eric Parthen  |  USA Project Manager  |  ICC Americas

“The collaborative and creative process Adrenalin led was significant in producing the final marks which draw on the rich history and bright future for cricket in the United States. The comprehensive approach to obtaining stakeholder engagement played a critical role in designing a unified brand for USA Cricket.”
– Wade Edwards  |  USA Project Officer  | ICC Americas 


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