Western Athletic Conference

Rebranding The Western Athletic Conference

The Western Athletic Conference (WAC) has a rich history in NCAA Division I sports. Spanning over 60 years the WAC currently covers a broad expanse of the western United States including, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington, along with “non-western” states including Missouri, Illinois, and Texas. Due to conference school realignments, leaders of the WAC determined there was a need to evaluate their brand position and make refinements in order to stay relevant in the competitive college sports space. They called on Adrenalin Sports Marketing (a division of Real FiG Advertising + Marketing) to address their needs.

The WAC worked with Adrenalin to conduct extensive market research that provided insights that were used to craft compelling narratives to strengthen the WAC’s position as a leader amongst other conferences. They were able to begin the 2014–15 season with a refined logo, an innovative slogan, and a branding style guide complete with an overview of the conference, positioning statements, and rules to guide member schools on proper implementation of the WAC branding.

The Result

An electronic brand style guide was developed and has been used by the conference and member institutions on a daily basis to grow and strengthen the brand value of the conference.

“Adrenalin is a recognized branding and marketing industry leader. They have provided invaluable guidance and assistance to further enhance the WAC brand that has been built from more than a half-century of success at the NCAA Division I level”

– Jeff Hurd | Commissioner


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