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Whole Intent is a Denver-based fitness and nutrition company, founded by Ashlee Van Buskirk. As a trainer, athlete, and nutrition enthusiast, Ashlee had a vision of sharing her expertise with the Denver community and building up a business focused on true health and wellness. In 2018, Ashlee came to the top brand development agency in Denver, FiG Advertising + Marketing, to gain support and expertise in achieving her vision for Whole Intent. We set to work developing her brand identity and creating a comprehensive marketing strategy that would drive results.

Brand Development

We started the process of developing a brand that encompassed Ashlee's goals by performing extensive market research. As a top brand development agency in Denver, we knew that accurate representation of the brand should focus on Ashlee’s ability to help clients achieve a well-rounded and sustainable lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. From this idea, Whole Intent was born.

Logo Design

A brand is integral to the success of a business and the logo has a lot to do with how well your brand performs as a whole in the marketplace. FiG Advertising + Marketing operates as a leading brand development agency in Denver. We approach the design of your logo in an multi-step, collaborative process of brand exploration, conceptualization, mockups, all ultimately taking the business to a final design. Our team of designers, digital marketers, and sales experts collaborate to present ideas to clients who have the opportunity to paly an active role in developing a logo that matches your mission.

With Whole Intent, we understood that their customers would be working towards their goals by mastering three main pillars - fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Additionally, marketing for personal trainers can be a bit difficult as the personal training market of Denver is highly saturated. To accommodate this factor, our brand-development agency in Denver knew that we needed to communicate the brand values in a compelling and comprehensive way. Through our proprietary design process, we crafted a logo that perfectly aligned with Ashlee's goals for the business.

Logo design just scratches the surface of branding. In addition to designing a logo for Whole Intent that was recognizable and unique, we also built out brand standards for collateral that would be produced later down the line - from merchandise like t-shirts to her website and social media.

Our work on the Whole Intent brand and development of the logo earned us a Platinum MarCom award in 2018.

Website Design For Personal Trainers

With the brand standards and messaging fully developed for Whole Intent, it was time to begin developing a digital presence for the business. The first step is always website design and development. Following FiG traditions of collaboration and communication, we worked extensively with Ashlee on the design of her website, mapping out the site, building wireframes and page designs, and writing content. Our expert website designers built the website with the user experience in mind, which strategically facilitated action from prospective clients. We ensured the website aligned perfectly with the branding standards we established earlier and made sure the website was aesthetically pleasing with a captivating and effective design.

In addition to making the site, beautiful, user-friendly, and easily accessible, our brand development agency in Denver took it one step further. Incorporating online booking capabilities was essential to the business' central goals: making health and wellness a simple addition to any lifestyle. When you are marketing for personal trainers, you need to think about the user experience and prioritize it wherever possible. Potential and current customers can easily book personal training sessions, group training sessions, nutrition coaching meetings, consultations, and more with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

The finished, search engine optimized website earned FiG a Gold MarCom award in 2018.

Search Engine Marketing

As a leading digital marketing firm in Denver, we specialize in search engine marketing (SEM) strategies and we ensure that the websites of all our clients are optimized for search engines, voice activated assistants, and human beings alike. Whole Intent was no exception. As we began to research opportunities in the market that a brand new website could penetrate, we establish and SEO strategy, which helped the site gain immediate traction in the Denver health and fitness industries.

As time has gone on, we have continued our SEO efforts by continuously producing relevant, informative, and insightful content to position Whole Intent as an authority on health and wellness. Thanks to our ongoing multi-pronged approach to digital marketing for Whole Intent, we have documented the great results that Whole Intent has witness thus far. Since the start of our partnership in the spring of 2018, Whole Intent has seen:

  • An increase of 113% in total website impressions year-over-year.
  • A compounding monthly increase of 31% in clicks.
  • And a steady conversion rate of 3.17% over the course of 2019.

We are also proud to share that the Whole Intent website now ranks on the first page for over 90 relevant search engine queries! With that kind of visibility, the ROI for Whole Intent can only go up.

Social Media Marketing

When you say “digital marketing,” you can’t forget about social media. Our digital marketing specialists collaborate with research insights to determine where ideal customers are and what they are interested in while they are there. Effective social media marketing - or any digital marketing for that matter - takes a parallel path to the buyer's journey. Rather than putting a fork in the road, we analyze what kind of information needs to be where and make sure it is available when and where potential customers are looking for it.

As we mentioned above, the fitness space of Denver is saturated to the point of overwhelm. This makes marketing for personal trainers incredibly difficult and we knew that our social media efforts needed to be especially strategic in order to gain awareness in the market. We have effectively established a presence on multiple social media platforms to distribute Whole Intent content, generate potential leads, and facilitate discussions surrounding health, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle.

Personal Training Branded Collateral

While some marketers will tell you to not even worry about traditional tactics, they aren't dead. You cannot ignore traditional advertising tactics ever, especially when you are conducting marketing for personal trainers. In addition to a robust digital strategy, we complemented our online presence with meaningful traditional marketing collateral, including rate cards and flyers, which have been key for building business in local housing complexes.

Whole Intent | FiG Advertising + Marketing

With a strategically designed, comprehensive marketing plan, we've effectively built the Whole Intent brand from the ground up, established a strong digital presence, and continued to improve upon this solid foundation to increase brand awareness and her client base. We were able to provide potential clients with an intuitive website, a simple and strong brand, and as much marketing collateral as she needs. It just goes to show that with the right partner for marketing, you can successfully build a business from the ground up. Are you eager to create an effective, compelling brand for your business? Our team can help you bring your business to life. Contact the top brand development agency in Denver for personal trainers today!


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