Zachary Rischitelli

Zachary Rischitelli – Founder, Managing Director

“My role at FiG is to coordinate the creative process involving my team and our clients, setting the strategic direction for each project and campaign. I’m also very mindful of my responsibility to nurture our small team and preserve our company culture and values.”

Zachary has a Bachelor's Degree in both Psychology and Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. This background, coupled with nearly a decade in sales and marketing, gives him a unique insight into motivational drivers in people, including the emotional and cultural triggers integral to effective marketing.

Amanda Hogan

Amanda Hogen – Art Director

"I create the visuals to make a winning first impression. I drill down into the client's objectives, and deliver imagery that communicates compellingly to their desired market."

Coming from a family of marketing and sales professionals, Amanda knew from an early age that that's where she wanted to end up. A creative mind with a keen design sense, she excelled at the Colorado State University and has produced high quality, refined, and striking design work ever since.

Shannon Kelly

Shannon Kelly – Digital Marketing Specialist

"At FiG, I help clients amplify awareness and increase conversions through data-driven digital marketing. On a daily basis, I am responsible for SEO, paid search, content creation, and marketing automation."

Shannon is a University of Iowa graduate who loves crafting meaningful content that connects with audiences. She is increasingly excited about the ways advertising and technology are intersecting in the 21st century and loves the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Niles Koenigsberg

Niles Koenigsberg – Digital Marketing Specialist

"At FiG, I support the digital marketing efforts for our clients through a multitude of avenues. With an emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation, I'm here to help keep your business competitive and relevant by capitalizing upon innovative best practices in this digital-centric era."

As a Colorado native, Niles never backs down from adversity. He views each marketing challenge as an opportunity to learn something new. This University of Denver graduate is passionate about utilizing his creative abilities in the digital landscape and Niles works to implement innovative strategies whenever possible to maximize the potential of your business.

Gabrielle Fick

Gabrielle Fick - Social Media Marketing Coordinator

"As the Social Media Marketing Coordinator, my job at FiG is to create impactful and engaging social media content that makes an impression. In a day and age where 3.4 billion people are active on social media, I'll make sure your content stands out from the crowd of "cookie cutter" digital advertising for optimal, lasting results."

Growing up in the foothills of Colorado, Gabrielle has always been a 50/50 strategic and creative thinker, offering her a compelling take on advertising and marketing. With a BS in Advertising from The University of Colorado, along with a BS in Greek Classical Studies, Gabrielle sees advertising as more than just a business practice; but rather, a cultural and sociological science.

Gabby Banayan

Gabby Banayan - Account Coordinator

"As the Account Coordinator at FiG, my job is to make sure any and all tasks or requests get into the right hands and done on time. I communicate with transparency to ensure that our clients always know what is going on and that things are being done."

As an early graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with a BS in Strategic Communications and emphasis in Public Relations, Gabby has developed the skills of organization and attention to detail while maintaining the value of open and clear communication. She believes that developing trust and meaning to relationships contributes to the success of the business.