Strategic Media Buying In Denver

You want your advertisements to get you the biggest bang for your buck. A well-designed banner ad or strategically crafted 30-second radio spot will only go as far as your media buying agency can take it. Media buying in Denver is all about who you know and how well you can leverage various platforms to engage with your target audience. If you don't have the right media connections and don't know how to appropriately reach your target audience, then you can almost guarantee that your media won't perform well. At Real FiG Advertising + Marketing, we know the right people and, better yet, we capitalize on innovative strategies to ensure that our clients’ advertisements get in front of the right audience at the right time under the right circumstances to generate qualified leads. That's the kind of results that you get when you work with a top media buying agency in Denver.

How Does Media Buying In Denver Work?

Whether you are a small Denver-based business or an international corporation, there are certain steps that every qualified media buying agency will take to ensure that your budget is being leveraged effectively for the optimal results.

Identify The Who And The What

Market research is essential to successful media buying in Denver and anywhere else around the world. You need to have an intimate understanding of exactly who you are talking to, where they are, what they are doing, and how to best engage with them effectively if you want to get the most out of your media buying budget.

As an experienced media buying agency in Denver, this is always where we begin. We analyze demographics, psychographics, geolocation, and behavior to determine the best avenues for reaching your target audience. Media buying is much more than simply understanding that your ideal 25- to 35-year old married female likes to buy her groceries at the local market. To maximize the impact of your ads, you want to know much more information. You'll want to discover what time and day she’s going to the store, if she’s there on her own or with her children, does she come with a shopping list or does she prefer to browse, if she has a list is it on her phone or in a notebook…

The list of behaviors that will impact your media buying strategy is practically endless. This is why you want to enlist the help of a seasoned media buying agency in Denver to ensure that you are buying the right ad space that best suits your end goals.

Nail Down The How With A Media Buying Agency In Denver

Once you know exaclty who you’re talking to and what you want them to know or do, our media buying agency in Denver can help you craft impactful communications that will resonate effectively with your target audience and inspire immediate action. At this stage, it's important to nail down exaclty how your communications will be distributed to your target audience. Would it be best to pursue TV media buying in Denver? Or could radio media buying in Denver be the better route? To ensure that your ads get the best ROI for your business, our media buying team will vet a variety of media outlets to negotiate the best deals for your advertising and to ensure that the selected outlets align with your brand standards.

TV Media Buying In Denver

Digital advertising may be a force in the advertising world but that doesn't mean it's the only route to take with media buying. Ad spend on television is not slowing down any time soon and your ideal target market could be perfectly situated on a number of channels. Our team of dedicated marketers have established terrific connections within the television community and we'll leverage those connections with every instance of TV media buying in Denver. 

Radio Media Buying In Denver

At Real FiG Advertising + Marketing, we've achieved significant results with prior advertising projects that focused on radio media buying in Denver. Even with the rise of Spotify and streaming music platforms, radio is nowhere near its demise yet! A plethora of Denverites and Coloradans alike tune into the radio every day, making a number of radio stations ideal platforms for your radio media buying purposes. We'll leverage our established connections with various radio stations to generate the best ROI for your advertising campaign.

Print Media Buying In Denver

As an established media buying agency in Denver, our marketers have been steadily building trusted connections with Colorado publications and national publications as well. We're proud of this ever-expanding network of valued connections and it's what has made us successful at print media buying in Denver. Through diligent research, we'll identify the perfect print publications to place your advertisements on to drive high-quality leads to your business.

Launching Your Campaign

Experienced media buying agencies know that the process has only begun once the outlets have been selected. Whether you are running a digital campaign that’s using a demand-supply platform or you’ve opted for a more traditional billboard or bus wrap, when it is time for your campaign to launch, our media experts will be working overtime. Our team of experienced media buyers are constantly confirming delivery, analyzing consumer behaviors and competitor activity, and making adjustments throughout the duration of your advertising campaign to ensure the maximum ROI from your media investments.

Understanding The Impact Of Your Media Buying In Denver

Media buying in Denver would be meaningless if there was no data to back it up. At the conclusion of each and every media buying campaign at FiG, our clients receive detailed reports analyzing the true results of their advertising endeavors. These insights are not only used to keep our clients informed on the impact of their communication efforts, but also to optimize future campaigns and ensure the ongoing success of your media buying efforts.

If you are looking for a media buying agency in Denver to help you navigate the traditional and digital marketing landscape, contact Real FiG Advertising + Marketing today.