Get In Front Of Your Audience With Top Event Marketing Firms In Denver

Whether you are introducing a new product or service or you are simply trying to make your business more visible to your target audience, one thing is certain: it can be difficult to achieve the results you are looking for. How can you get your business in front of your target audience? What’s the best way to increase your visibility? Event marketing can shine the spotlight on your business and, as one of the best event marketing firms in Denver, we can help you create an in-person event that brings your product, or service, face-to-face with your next customers.

Top Event Marketing Firm In Denver

We’re experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative. Real FiG Advertising + Marketing can help organize any type of event with your strategic goals in mind to bring you the best return on investment. We can market just about any event, from trade shows and fundraisers to branded scavenger hunts or organized street fairs. Maybe you have your already event planned and need help with spreading the word or maybe you just don’t know where to start with your event idea. Regardless of where you stand in the planning process, our marketing team can provide guidance, strategy, and support to make your event a resounding success. Some event marketing firms in Denver may take the reigns and leave you in the backseat, but at FiG, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to event marketing which allows us to pull off incredible events on behalf of our clients.

Our event marketing process begins in a conceptualization meeting, where we nail down what goals you have for your event and how to best accomplish them. From there, our team begins to place the pieces of the event puzzle: developing marketing materials, coordinating with vendors, reserving the event space, formulating event activities, and much more. We not only collaborate with you up to the day of the event, but we also have relationships with some of Denver's most popular and well-connected event planners that we leverage with one goal in mind: to produce measurable results for your business.

Here are just a few examples of events you may want the support of experienced event marketing firms in Denver:

Trade Show Event Marketing

Trade shows are terrific opportunities to not only engage with your target audience but also expand your reach into other market segments as well. As a tenacious event marketing firm in Denver, FiG can design your trade show booth, marketing materials, branded signage, booth activities, and much more.

As with any event, we approach trade show marketing strategically to ensure that everything from the trade show brochures and booth environment to the follow-up marketing campaigns align with your business goals and your brand standards. Leading up to and following the event, we can even coordinate digital and traditional marketing efforts, such as a targeted social media campaign and direct mail invitation, to generate more interest in your trade show booth and bring in more potential leads.

Since trade shows can be so chaotically overwhelming and every business is different, we can strategically plan and execute the entire trade show event for you, or work with you to coordinate just a handful of the aspects of your trade show marketing. We are flexible to your needs and will do as much, or as little, event marketing as you require.

Fundraising Event Marketing

Whether the funds will go to a charitable cause or to kickstart your business growth, Real FiG Advertising + Marketing can design, coordinate, and execute your fundraiser from scratch. We’ll meet with your fundraising committee to coordinate logistics, and we’ll personally design, print, and mail invitations or other collateral to your invitee list. We’ll even utilize our expertise in digital marketing to garner a wider pool of event attendees.

When your attendees depart for the evening, they’ll reflect on the polished and professional appearance of your fundraiser. If any potential donors didn’t partner with you that evening, the splendor of your event will stick with them for days. We can coordinate follow up efforts to ensure event attendees have the opportunity to get involved with your organization at a later date, if they so wish.

Entertainment Events

As one of the leading event marketing firms in Denver, we understand that the limited real estate to promote concerts, sports competitions, and other entertainment events can make marketing your entertainment event difficult. Our dedicated staff can coordinate the ins-and-outs of your entertainment event and help sell more tickets to grow your number of attendees. We’ll even work to increase the value of your sponsorships and make your entertainment event as profitable as possible.

An Event Marketing Firm With Passion And Purpose

These are just a handful of events that we’d be more than happy to turn into a raging success on your behalf. From event sponsorships to branded collateral, whatever you need to make your event a success, we’re here to help.

Partnering with one of the top event marketing firms in Denver gives you the best possible starting point for your brand. Whether you’ve got a new product rolling out and you want to make a statement or you're a regular at an annual trade show and want to leave your mark, FiG can help you conceptualize and produce an event that strategically aligns with your business goals.

Get your business in front of your customers through event marketing and contact Real FiG Advertising + Marketing today! We’ll show you how strategic event marketing and collateral can make your appearances more effective.