Denver Marketing Automation Experts

A common misconception regarding marketing automation is that it is simply email marketing. While FiG Advertising can help you with your email marketing, our specialty in marketing automation is so much more than the occasional newsletter. Our Denver marketing automation experts leverage software that allows us to send customized emails, create landing pages, manage contacts and campaigns, integrate with your CRM system, connect to social platforms, automate communications, and analyze each and every activity to make strategic improvements. Marketing automation software acts as a catalyst for the rest of your communication efforts, making each point of contact impactful.

Who’s Using Marketing Automation?

Technology has continued to dominate nearly every industry and marketing is no exception. Most businesses who are leveraging their data effectively are seeing exponential improvements in their marketing and advertising efforts, which makes the case for marketing automation across all industries. Small and midsized businesses are rapidly adapting to the increased amounts of data that can be collected and make a difference in their communication efforts, thus they are among the fastest growing segment of marketing automation software users.

Why Rely On Denver Marketing Automation Pros

Simply investing in a marketing automation platform is not enough to reap the benefits of this tool. Our Denver marketing automation experts can help you maximize your ROI by:

  • Implementing lead scoring objectives
  • Tracking and analyzing user behavior
  • A/B testing communication efforts
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Automating follow-ups
  • Leveraging data for strategic improvements
  • And much, much more!

Our marketing automation expertise helps you get more out of your platform by ensuring that you have relevant and timely content available for each of your business objectives.

Does Your Business Need Marketing Automation?

If you are not considering marketing automation to help you funnel prospects through your pipeline more effectively and efficiently, you’re leaving money on the table. Our Denver marketing automation team helps you bring in the right prospects, facilitate relationships with them, and, ultimately, increase revenue by using data to steer not only your marketing efforts but also your sales team.

Strategic usage of marketing automation software helps you tie your marketing and sales efforts together to move your bottom line.

Data-Driven Marketing Drives Results

There is simply not enough time in your day to stay on top of all the different ways potential customers might be interacting with your digital assets. Even if there was, there’s likely better things for you to spend your time doing. This is where our Denver marketing automation team can step in to help you streamline your communications efforts and drive leads through data-drive, efficient marketing.

Contact Real FiG Advertising + Marketing today to learn more about our Denver marketing automation capabilities and how they can transform your sales process.