Tuesday, 03 April 2012 06:50

Pizza is Only One Click Away

In a food emergency? Do you need pizza right this very minute?  The VIP Fridge Magnet is the answer to your problems.

This magnet solves problems of hunger, an empty-fridge, and of course, the inability to pick-up the phone and dial. Instead, all YOU have to do is PUSH Red Tomato Pizza Fridge Magnet. After of course syncing it with your Bluetooth enabled smart phone. Then, before you know it, your pizza is at your door exactly how you wanted it courtesy of an extremely happy delivery man. Big smiles included.

Think this is an April Fool's joke?  SO DID WE!  Until we found this article that described how this Dubai-based Pizza company is making pizza ordering easier than ever!

Need a How-To? Look no further, tutorial is now included.