Friday, 11 December 2015 08:41

Case Study: Great Plains Moving & Storage

Great Plains Moving & Storage is an agent of the Specialized Transport, Inc. (STI) and currently operates as the Colorado hub for STI's 48-state services. Great Plains prides itself on employing highly trained, professional movers instead of temporary labor to ensure that their customers' valuables are taken care of during the entire moving process.

Not only will Great Plains move your items, but they will store them in their top-rated warehouse.

FiG's Website Marketing Approach

Denver website designers, FiG Advertising & Marketing designed and launched a new website for Great Plains last month that highlights the organization's exemplary services.

Website Design

Great Plains came to FiG with a marketing problem. They had a fairly attractive website, but it was wasn't modern enough, which can lead a customer to view the company as behind the times. As a result, the site's bounce rates increasing and page views were starting to decrease. (See screen shot below)

Great Plains Old Home Page

In order to update the site and increase user engagement, we designed a more visually compelling site filled with beautiful images that illustrate Great Plains' great services and offerings. (See screen shot below)

great plains commercial page

Great Plains also wanted a way to show off their great customer service. To highlight their exceptional service, we added colored call outs featuring testimonials to each of the sub-pages of the website.


Search Engine Optimization

Not only did we design a beautiful website for Great Plains, we also optimized their new site with correct tagging and link building for search optimization. Our SEO strategy is already garnering results. When we compared the traffic in the period between November 9th to December 9th in 2014 versus 2015, we found organic traffic had increased by 23%. Moreover, since the site's launch on November 9th, organic traffic increased 40% over the previous 30 days with the old site.

Great Plains Website Traffic Results

The newly designed website is already starting to see great traction. By completing a year over year comparison from November 9th to December 9th, we found that Great Plains' new website has increased its users by about 14% and its sessions by 23% (See Graph Below).

great plains sessions graph

We have also found that the new site is more successful in engaging users than the old site was because its page views are up 69% from last year and the pages that people view per session has increased by 37%. Also, people are readily leaving the site less than before because the bounce rate has decreased by 7%. This positive trajectory will continue as we continue to make SEO improvements on a monthly basis. Great Plains will see increased traffic and ultimately new customers. Check out the new website for yourself.

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