Thursday, 29 November 2012 09:20

Ad of the Month: Shopping For Toys With Barclaycard

It's that time of year again – the stores are playing holiday music, lights are being hung, trees are being put up and the stress of picking the perfect present to go under it has fallen upon us. But not to fear, this also bring the holiday ads with lots of ideas and wisdom on what is best for those on your list.

Take ebay, showing us that maybe there's a good reason for not buying that pony after all.. (because what little girls parents haven't had to say no to that request?) Others try to show us the fun, good, or easy side of holiday shopping while we sit and wonder what planet they are actually shopping on. British credit and debit card company, Barclaycard, however meets us in the middle. They don't claim they make shopping easier, in fact they admit it can be a bit much, but Barclaycard does make their part easier. In this ad of the month, Barclaycard takes us on a whirlwind shopping experience as a Dad looks for a the perfect toy for his son while being bombarded with shouts and “pick mes” from every toy in the story.

The Dad, lead by a whimsical monkey, has anything but a stress free time until he has made a decision and it is time to pay with Barclaycard, just a quick tap of his phone. Barclaycard hits the mark on this holiday ad. They reach a wide audience of stressed out shoppers, acknowledge this common feeling, and give a little hope in the end. Making the perfect gift choice might be hard, but paying doesn't have to be!


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