Tuesday, 04 January 2011 06:46

Business Resolution

Happy New Year everyone! Forget your dieting plan, it's time to make business resolutions for 2011! FiG certainly has its own, and we call it PPP resolutions, including our goals to satisfy clients, employees and our communities.

  1. Professionalism: Customers are the central part of business for FiG. In this coming year, we will keep our productive & creative works satisfying customers. Since internet and digital technology has allowed consumers to explore immeasurable amounts of information online by themselves, our marketing job is to make this process easier and delightful, as well as to provide services and solutions when necessary. If your resolution is to have happier clients, with FiG you know you are in good hands!

  2. People: Without our people, FiG would not be able to meet clients' demand, not to mention seizing market opportunities. A happy employee is a productive employee. According to our employees, FiG has been doing a wonderful job keeping the work innovative and enjoyable. Our friendly corporate environment, open-to-suggestion culture, and flexible work environment have won people's hearts to have them happy to work hard here. In 2011 FiG will keep this friendliness and assist our people to grow both individually and with FiG.

  3. Planet”: By saying planet, we are actually talking about CSR (corporate social responsibility) in general. An effective business needs a healthy, educated workforce, sustainable resources and stable, peaceful society to exist and compete. 2011 will be a new start for FiG to get on board with non-profit organizations and charity foundations to create shared value and a more sustainable community.

How did we make these resolutions? We consider the sales we want to achieve, the directions that we can take, the unsaturated markets that we can find, and the values that we can create.

Usually we start with reflections and evaluations from our employees and management team on overall performance and client satisfaction from last year. FiG has noticed that this self-reflection and group evaluation helps with performance in the coming year. It never hurts to hear other people's insight and wisdom, which can improve the overall organizational dynamic to provide quality products and services.

The next step when actually making business resolutions, stay focused! Your desired results have to match with the market's limitations. Often when sales keep growing, companies expect it to continue. A very good lesson from Nokia is that the ex-giant of smartphone fell hard because they failed to notice warning signs that the market and customer demands were changing due to new economic conditions and innovations. All they needed to do was to keep heads up when so much was going on around them instead it blocked their view of the bigger picture.

Keep these in mind when making strategic business resolutions for 2011. The goals should be able to help create consistent values. And the companies that are able to constantly deliver values that the market needs are going to be the true winners of 2011.

FiG Advertising and Marketing (Focus Identity Group, LLC), can help your business better focus on your niche and target customers, to deliver more concentrated marketing initiatives that lead to growth and increased sales.