Thursday, 19 March 2009 14:14

SEO And Web Clutter

The concept of web clutter isn't a new thing. It's the entire reason that search engines were created. There got to be so much stuff, that there needed to be a way for the user to find what they are looking for. Though I can't imagine who could possibly be looking for this:

While open to interpretation as art (I have a hard time even accepting that), this is an example of what businesses have to compete against for search rankings. A site that is in all respects useless, though mildly amusing when first viewed. Thankfully the author has the good taste to not SEO the site.

I wish I could say the same for all useless sights. It's certainly happened to you more than once. You log on to Google, enter your search query, then have to search the results. Clicking link after link, and finding nothing that even resembles useful information. It's not because the solution to your problem doesn't exist, or that Google is a bad search engine, it's because people have used SEO techniques on their sites and are being ranked well.

This is just another obstacle for businesses that turn to Search Marketing as a way to generate sales leads. It's competition for rankings and legitimacy. Because even if a serious website achieves first page rankings, they must battle every other website in the search results to be take seriously.

The websites in search results are more than just individuals, they are representatives of all websites in the results. So when surrounded by clutter, legitimate websites lose credibility.

Just something to consider when evaluating success or failure of your SEO campaign.