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Honda's anti-theft negotiator has caught our attention AGAIN! This Honda video was chosen as our ad of the month for its innovative concept, vivid living scenario, smart timing, and its lingering effect. Though it was an April Fool's ad, it is not a joke. Similar type of technology is out there and available, and Honda has announced to put this on all of their 2013 vehicles*.

Wednesday, 04 April 2012 03:00

Web Video Marketing Science

Standing out is one of the hardest things for any company to achieve, especially the new ones, but definitely one of the most important. Even if a company is fundamentally different from its competitors, how to determine its niche remains a question. Among all the marketing channels, online video is one of the most important in every marketer's hand.

Published in Denver Branding Agency
Friday, 23 March 2012 05:01

Skittles Touch Is Back!

About a year ago, Skittles started those "Touch" videos with a cat and a cop cage, and... you know some creepy figures. Those videos became so popular, that the company brought it back! This time, your finger can create more disturbing things... After watching them, leave a comment to let Denver brand agency FiG Advertising know which one is the most disturbing touch for you: