Thursday, 19 April 2012 07:21

Ad of the Month: Honda Anti-Theft Negotiator Terii

Honda's anti-theft negotiator has caught our attention AGAIN! This Honda video was chosen as our ad of the month for its innovative concept, vivid living scenario, smart timing, and its lingering effect. Though it was an April Fool's ad, it is not a joke. Similar type of technology is out there and available, and Honda has announced to put this on all of their 2013 vehicles*.

The video shows the anti-theft negotiator Terii in action against a persistent car thief. It starts with Terii using a touch-point biometric technology to recognize the car's owner. The second that the owner turns away, a thief appears. Terii begins the negotiation immediately when she knows the person is not the owner. After several attempts of logical reasoning, Terii ends with a string of rather terrifying threats that show the limited extent of her mercy and the full of extent of her effectiveness.

The ad is another successful viral marketing example, that engages with an audience throughout the video, and creates an interest of sharing. Besides the well-done story outline and the creative language, the clever timing is another reason that the ad wins its position of ad of the month at FiG:

April Fool's is not only a date of broadcasting funny videos, but a perfect timing to generate conversations and test market interest, especially when a product/technology is still in beta phase. When laughing with the ad, viewers immediately show great interests in installing Terii in their cars, and also wonder whether it is a real technology available since it was on April Fool's. With many features still under development, there is no better dates than April Fool's for Honda to use this video to find out customers' needs. They can't show a "fake" ad that doesn't deliver the promise (product), unless it is considered a joke!

With this ad in place, Honda successfully generated brand awareness for Terii, and created a competitive advantage in the anti-theft area. Though it is still a long way for the market to really embrace Terii, Honda is half-way to acceptance. It is only a matter of time before Honda launches a full campaign highlighting the technology, and I'll be ready to test it as soon as it is out!

*Honda states that Terii requires a technology package as well as Satellite-Linked Navigation System.