Tuesday, 27 March 2012 05:52

Anti Smoking Gone Creative

Creative advertising is important to the overall success of a marketing campaign. This anti-smoking advertising campaign takes that creativity to the next level; we briefly examine this advertisement in this blog post.

"Dump the Durries" Anti Smoking Ad

anti smoking ad

Do you smoke and want to quit?  Do you know anyone who smokes and wants to quit? If you do or know someone that does, instead of another long, drawn-out anti smoking speech about how much you care, the negative side-effects, and how life-threatening smoking can be....check this out! “Smoke, Smoke, Smoke!” We aren't talking the Truth commercials here, that scare you half to death with disturbing graphics and a million facts. Just some unique and unconventional humor that might just motivate you and/or others to quit, quit, quit!