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AAPI Heritage Month Campaigns Analyzed by a Denver Media Buyer

Standout AAPI Heritage Month Ads According to a Denver Media Buyer

Across the globe, May is recognized as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month – a time to celebrate the societal contributions and achievements of AAPI individuals. This year, a wide array of brands has stepped up to bat to highlight AAPI communities through creative advertising campaigns. As a Denver media buyer, we believe that only a few of these campaigns stand apart from the rest as truly inclusive and successful at pushing the narrative forward. 

2023 has presented an interesting shift in the advertising landscape for AAPI representation in which advertisers are genuinely celebrating the cultures and the successes of AAPI individuals. Let's take a look at two different ad campaigns that skillfully showcased inclusion and positive representation of the AAPI community. 

The Asian American Federation Tackles Xenophobia

The Asian American Federation has organized a fundraising and awareness campaign that challenged the xenophobic question many AAPI individuals are faced with – "Where are you really from?" In collaboration with Asian and Asian American illustrators, the AAF designed ten eye-catching travel posters depicting U.S. cities that signify a sense of belonging for Asian Americans.

The colorful posters feature notable figures such as Olympian Apolo Ohno, hate crime survivor Noel Quintana, and fashion icon Eva Chen. The campaign aimed to promote the critical safety programs in AAPI communities and visually assert where Asian Americans truly call home.

At Real FiG Advertising + Marketing, we’ve been around for over a decade in the metro area and have made a name for ourselves as a top option in Denver as a media buyer. We wanted to leverage our experience to analyze the "I'm Really From" campaign from the AAF. Our marketers were drawn to the fusion of the individuals' chosen visuals of their hometowns with bright and happy colors. When you look at the posters, there is nothing "othering" about them. Each one depicts very personal relationships with spaces, businesses, food, memories, and more, yet none are doing so in an isolating way. Rather, we feel that the posters brilliantly showcase diversity and the sense of belonging each Asian American has found in these cities.

Not only are the messages of the posters impactful and relatable for many people in the AAPI communities, but they have also sparked new conversations among individuals of all ages regarding identity and belonging. As such, we feel that these advertisements hit the nail on the head for AAPI Heritage Month because it drives viewers to self-reflect and encourages them to start conversations on the subject.

P&G Works to Normalize AAPI Names

"The Name" is a recent short video advertisement, which feels more like a short film, from P&G produced by an all-AAPI team. It chronicles the life of Yeong Joo Park, a Korean American girl. The story begins in her hospital room where her mother recounts the story behind her name, acknowledging the potential challenges it may bring. As Yeong Joo grows up, she learns to stand up for herself, and her name's meaning - strong and resilient - serves as a reminder of her potential. The film emphasizes how mispronunciation of names is a microaggression that can negatively affect one's sense of belonging.

P&G's impactful campaign seeks to increase awareness regarding the significance of recognizing and honoring AAPI names as equivalent to "American" names. All names deserve the same respect. A survey was conducted in conjunction with the video campaign which resulted in a 78% response indicating that "Yeong Joo Park" was not an "American" name, and 83% reported feeling their name is a crucial element of their identity and sense of self.

At the conclusion of the film, viewers see a CTA encouraging them to visit this P&G website and share their name. The page has a rolling carousel of portraits with individual names, pronunciations of those names, and the hashtag #OurNamesBelong.

P&G is a large American corporation responsible for the creation and sale of products like Tide, Bounty, Old Spice, Crest, and many more. As a media buyer in Denver, we recognize the importance of well-known brands with a wide reach working to promote inclusivity and diversity. This campaign strikes an emotional chord that every human can relate to: the desire to belong. 

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