Thursday, 12 March 2015 10:06

Ad of the Month: Samsung & Duyan Eller

This month's ad of the month is brought to you by our lead designer, Jin Jintasawaeng, who stumbled upon this feel-good campaign from Samsung & Duyan Eller the other day.

Have you ever imagined a world where everyone could communicate with each other regardless of language barrier or disability? For deaf individuals who can only communicate through sign language, this would be a dream come true. Samsung [Duyan Eller] appears to be trying make this dream become a reality by creating a call center (and other technologies) that will help deaf persons easily reach out to and communicate with others – a video call center for the hearing impaired, if you will.

What better way to inform the masses about this great advancement than with a heart-felt video campaign? Watch below as an entire community learns sign language in order to surprise a hearing impaired gentleman – a surprise that that exemplifies this effort by Samsung as it is a display of barrier-free communication.