Wednesday, 14 October 2015 07:37

Case Study: Sport Shieldz

This past winter, we announced that we acquired a new client, Sport Shieldz.

Sport Shieldz offers new, innovative technology in concussion prevention. Sport Shieldz makes protective headgear that is designed to instantly dissipate the force of an impact to the head. These skull caps are made from PORON® XRD™ Extreme Impact Protection, a microcellular urethane foam that is breathable, pliable, and antimicrobial. What makes these caps so exceptional is that they absorb up to 90% of the energy at high-speed impact.

Sport Shieldz was looking for assistance from FiG to ramp up its SEO campaign by building more search traffic volume, increasing brand awareness through website updates, and creating engaging content.

FiG did just that.

Sport Shieldz Q3 Marketing Report

In just three months, overall traffic has increased for Across the board, the website is already seeing improved numbers. With about a 7.5% increase in pageviews and about 14.% decrease in bounce rates, Sport Shieldz is seeing significant improvements from FiG's SEO efforts.

Year Over Year Performance: July 1 - September 30

sport shieldz marketing performance

Search Engine Traffic Year Over Year: July 1 - September 30

A rich keyword list was developed by FiG for content development. The keywords were incorporated into monthly blogs and throughout the website's pages. We also ramped-up search engine traffic by adding meta and alt tags throughout the site. These SEO tactics allowed Sport Shieldz search engine traffic to have an increase in sessions by about 80%. In this time, Sport Shieldz's website also saw a jump by over 90% of users per day (see graph below).

sport shieldz sessions

Website Redesign

Additionally, FiG took on the task of redesigning Sport Shieldz's website. While still using their existing color scheme, FiG found a way to utilize the colors so the website had a richer, more sophisticated feel. FiG also added some eye-popping pictures to invigorate the user experience. See below some before and after shots of FiG's redesign.

Sport Shieldz Home Page Before

Old Home Page

Sport Shieldz Products Page Before

Old products page

Sport Shieldz Home Page After

home page

Sport Shieldz Products Page After

New Sport Shieldz products page

Keyword Ranking Report

FiG's SEO strategy allowed Sport Shieldz to remain relevant on Google's first page of search for a variety of keywords, from general searches such as, “head protection for sports” to more brand specific ones like, “Sport Shieldz.” Also, possessing the knowledge that people are searching Sport Shieldz specifically shows that brand awareness is increasing for the company as well.


Most importantly, all of this effort has resulted in the overall goal, more sales. FiG has increased Sport Shieldz Sales by 78%.


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