Monday, 16 January 2023 11:44

Denver Marketing Agency Helps Revamp an Existing Business  

At FiG, we prioritize client relationships and aim to collaborate frequently with every single client to ensure their success. We’re pleased to announce a budding, collaborative partnership with a well-known local business called The Golden Mill. The partnership between the client and our Denver marketing agency began as an intensive website rebuild project and has since turned into a full-spectrum marketing partnership.

Our work began in March of 2022 as The Golden Mill sought to increase their digital visibility and bring in more customers to their location. The team at FiG was eager to get started.

Who is The Golden Mill?

The Golden Mill is a one-of-a-kind food hall in Golden, Colorado that has the only self-pour tap walls in the area. Their unique eatery sits right on Clear Creek just a few blocks from the Coors Brewery and they are the only creekside bar with a rooftop in Golden. At this food hall, they boast 5 unique food vendors and 46 taps of delicious beverage choices including rotating beer options, wine, ciders, sake, and house-made cocktails. It really is tough to find a better place for delicious food and drinks in Golden.

How Our Denver Marketing Agency is Supporting the Golden Mill

While our partnership only kicked off in the past year, our marketing efforts have already shown to be effective as The Golden Mill has seen a steady increase in website traffic since our partnership began. Our paid search campaigns have brought in physical customers, helped book new events, and increased overall brand awareness. Here are a few more details about our ongoing partnership.

Website Re-Design

When building a website, priority should be given to creating a human-friendly interface before attempting to optimize it for search engines. Eventually, if your website's user experience (UX) cannot give people what they want and need, it will drive visitors away from your site and hurt your business' success. Our web designers can ensure this doesn't happen to you by emphasizing the user experience throughout the entire website design process. We launched The Golden Mill website in October of 2022.

For The Golden Mill, we took a deep dive into the UX, identified areas of the original site design that worsened the UX, and reworked the entire website design from the ground up for better usability. Our team then researched localized keywords and search phrases to help us draft well-optimized website content that will rank well. No matter how aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking a website is, it won't reach its full potential unless people can actually find it.

Once the website was fully optimized and was approved by the client, our team launched the redesigned website for The Golden Mill. Check it out today and let us know your thoughts!

Ongoing SEO and Social Media Efforts

At Real FiG Advertising + Marketing, our highly skilled web designers are knowledgeable in current website design principles and SEO strategies. By leveraging multiple sources of data, we can create content that appeals to both human readers and search engine bots to optimize the organic search engine rankings of your business website. We take great pride in the SEO services we offer and drive consistent results for our diverse range of clients.

We established a strong foundation of SEO on the website for The Golden Mill, and we moved into the second phase of the partnership. For The Golden Mill website to continue its climb in search engine rankings, it needs regular maintenance and fresh, unique content. As such, our digital marketers have been handling a variety of SEO tasks, including:

  • The production of monthly website content that is well-optimized for local and relevant search phrases
  • Actively managing and optimizing online directories for The Golden MillPassive Link-building activities
  • And more

We continue to climb search engine rankings each month and we will surely provide an update on our progress down the line.

Paid Search Advertising

To bring in more visitors to The Golden Mill's physical location, we have implemented paid search campaigns to attract immediate visitors. We have created a series of text ads that show in relevant search results on Google Search and Google Maps for phrases like "food near me." With this technique, we are able to target relevant consumers who are looking for restaurants and bars in the Golden area.

Email Marketing

In addition to our existing marketing efforts, our team is coordinating email marketing campaigns with the client. These emails help inform their subscribers of upcoming events at The Golden Mill and new specials to encourage repeat business.

We’re very excited about this new partnership and can’t wait to see what kinds of results we can achieve for The Golden Mill. Stay tuned for future updates!

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