Saturday, 30 April 2011 05:22

FiG Advertising and Marketing Announces New Client: Infinite Future

FiG is pleased to announce the addition of Infinite Future to our distinguished client list! Infinite Future is a Denver based sustainability consulting company for both the private and public sectors.

The engagement is focused on website redesign and SEO (search engine optimization) implementation, including a completely new site design developed in the Joomla content management system, keyword and site traffic analysis, and both on and off-site SEO efforts. Ongoing SEO and site management is also an integral part of FiG’s objectives in working with Infinite Future in order to maximize site traffic and conversion.

Website Redesign & SEO Improvement:

The objective of the website redesign is to help Infinite Future establish a clear and engaging web-presence and to clarify its primary business purpose. With the modification of user interface and the implementation of a content management system FiG will provide Infinite Future with a user-centered and user-friendly website that grows with the company, supporting business strength, and positively presenting Infinite Future in a highly competitive market vertical.

Additionally with SEO analysis and implementation Infinite Future will be able to increase the flow of relevant traffic and positive conversion rates.

On-Going SEO & Site Management:

Instead of being satisfied with simply getting more traffic to a website an on-going SEO and site management project will look to improve traffic relevance thereby decreasing bounce-rate and increasing time on site statistics.

Check back soon to see Infinite Future's all new website!