Monday, 20 December 2021 11:46

4 Google Ads Updates That Will Impact PPC in Denver

Every year, Google releases hundreds of updates for its services and products. From algorithm tweaks to policy updates, there are always constant changes occurring at the search engine giant. And their advertising network is no exception. Google Ads has recently released a few updates that will undoubtedly influence pay-per-click advertising (PPC) in Denver in the next year.

Let's break down a few of those updates and elaborate on how those changes may affect consumers and your business.

How You Can Expect PPC in Denver to Change in 2022

PPC advertising isn't limited to just the text-based ads you see in search results. PPC encompasses a wide array of advertising possibilities. For instance, you can leverage PPC on:

  • Google's Display Network - This allows you to place display ads across thousands of websites and apps.
  • Social Media Ads - PPC extends across various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.
  • Other Search Engines - You can leverage Microsoft Ads to place PPC ads on Bing, Yahoo, and even DuckDuckGo.

For simplicity, we will solely focus on Google Ads in this article. Here are a few of the top Google Ads updates of the past year that will influence PPC in Denver moving forward.

1. Robust "About This Ad" Pages

In response to privacy concerns, Google introduced a new feature in 2020 called "About this ad." This feature allows you to learn more about specific advertising in an attempt to increase transparency in the ad industry.

However, this page is becoming more robust. The "About this ad" page is gaining a history feature to show you what an advertiser has run on Google's platforms in the past 30 days (9to5Google). This unique feature is being rolled out for display ads, video ads, and shopping ads.

This feature expansion will allow users to learn more about the advertisements they are seeing to ultimately increase their trust in advertisers.

2. Increased Automation in Display Ads

If you aren't an advertising professional, Google Ads might feel overwhelming to you. Fortunately, this update can make display advertising campaigns easier for the inexperienced.

Google has combined the setup for Display and Smart Display campaigns (SearchEngineLand). In addition, Google Ads has introduced optimized targeting, which allows you to generate more clicks from outside of your audiences based on your goals.

What does this mean? Basically, this will make display PPC ads on Google easier to manage and optimize. If you're unfamiliar with Google Ads, then this update may help you navigate the system without wasting your ad spend.

3. Data Improvements in Search Terms Reports

In Google Ads, there are "keywords" and "search terms." Keywords are the specific phrases that you are targeting with your ads. Search terms, on the other hand, are the real-world search queries that people are searching for in which your ads are being displayed.

You can use those search terms to identify new keywords to target in your ads and for SEO purposes too.

In September 2021, Google added more information into the search terms reports. More specifically, advertisers can now view the number of impressions on specific phrases, whether or not a user clicked on their ad when searching a given phrase.

This update provides more data for marketers and advertisers to utilize in search. Now you can get more accurate with your advertising efforts, maximize your ad spend for specific keywords, and identify high-volume keywords to target in your blogging efforts.

4. Image Extensions on Desktop Devices

On mobile device searches, you may have noticed that images may populate in the text-based ads. This has been an invaluable ad extension as it makes mobile ads more visually interesting. This often attracts more clicks and, in turn, more sales. Now that same feature is coming to desktop devices (SearchEngineLand).

This update will likely benefit many search marketers as they can now target desktop users with a visual appeal. This can also expand the audience reach for your ads. For example, older demographics tend to use desktop computers over mobile devices.

So, if your target audience is part of an older generation, then be sure to start using image extensions in Google Ads.

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