Tuesday, 15 March 2022 14:54

Growing Lead Gen with a Small Business Web Design in Denver

At FiG, we love to welcome new clients and we’ll guide them in the right direction when it comes to traditional and digital advertising. We are pleased to announce that Real FiG Advertising + Marketing has recently partnered with High Country Flooring for a series of marketing improvements, including a new small business web design in Denver.

Background on High Country Flooring

High Country Flooring offers over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and installing high-quality vinyl flooring and carpet. They're proud to be a locally owned business in Denver who provides unmatched flooring services for both luxury and budget-friendly customers. They make sure "every customer can have the home of their dreams and see their inspiration come to life.” This is a flooring company you can trust.

Website design is one of our specialties at FiG and High Country Flooring trusted us to create a new website for them to jumpstart their marketing efforts. With the right SEO foundation and ongoing marketing support, more people will become aware of High Country Flooring and their services. The ultimate goal of our partnership is to drive qualified leads to the High Country website and encourage them to take cation (fill out a form or call).

What Makes a Smart Small Business Web Design in Denver

  • A pleasing visual aesthetic that balances well with your brand identity
  • Clear descriptions of what services or products your business offers
  • A streamlined user-friendly experience
  • Genuine reviews from previous customers
  • Consistent contact information across all pages
  • And a mobile-friendly interface

How We Updated the High Country Flooring Website

We started our new partnership by creating a new website for High Country Flooring from scratch. Our talented web design team gradually worked through many website updates, including the integration of a consistent color scheme throughout the entirety of the website. Our main goal on site design was two-fold: (1) improve the user experience and (2) optimize the website for search engines.

We made sure the new website was easy to understand, effectively communicated their offered services, and provided an easy way for consumers to contact High Country, if interested. To make the content easier to digest, our content creators broke out the offerings and services into individual pages and added more headings, bullet points, and number lists. We also inserted rotating image sliders on their website to create a more eye-catching design. And lastly, we made sure the website was easy to use on smart phones, tablets and computers alike.

The finished design for the High Country Flooring small business website design in Denver.

Ongoing Search Engine Marketing

The new website for High Country Flooring launched in December 2021. Since then, we have moved into the next phase of our marketing partnership which centers on search engine marketing. Our digital marketing specialists will be creating monthly blog posts for High Country. These blogs will be optimized for locally-based and relevant keywords that will gradually make High Country Flooring rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

At the same time, our marketers are creating and managing text-based search ads for High Country. These ads are targeting relevant keywords and phrases throughout the Denver metro area to capture qualified leads for our client. We’re excited to see what kinds of results our search engine marketing efforts will deliver.

As we continue to partner with High Country Flooring, we’ll continue to adjust our SEO and PPC strategies to drive more qualified leads to their company.

Social Media Marketing

Social media might be the best way to market your company today. It’s an effective traffic channel for many companies and we are currently working to improve the reach of High Country’s social media. Our marketers have initiated a Facebook ad campaign to increase the social following for High Country Flooring. As we generate more followers for our client, we can expect some of these users to become potential customers.

Get Help with Your Small Business Web Design in Denver

If you're interested in replicating our marketing strategies for High Country Flooring, contact Real FiG Advertising + Marketing today! Together we can create a marketing plan that best suits your company and will produce real results.

Contact us today to get started on your small business web design in Denver with Real FiG Advertising + Marketing.