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"Got Milk?": Thoughts from a Media Buying Agency in Denver

In 1993, the "Got Milk?" ad campaign was kicked off by the California Milk Processor Board. It was a nationwide advertising campaign that quickly caught the eyes of everyone and has run consistently to this day. The classic iterations of these ads consisted of actors, artists, and other celebrities with milk mustaches and the rhetorical tagline “Got Milk?”. The "Got Milk?" ad campaign has run for decades, and it is the most famous advertising campaign of all time. And as a top media buying agency in Denver, we’re here to comment on its prominence and resurgence.

The History of “Got Milk?”

This historic ad campaign has run consistently on and off again for milk processors and dairy farms. Over time, it has seen significant success in encouraging audiences to drink more milk. Unfortunately, advertisements do not always work perfectly.

Between 1970 and 2010, milk sales have seen a steep decline and showed no signs of improving. The “Got Milk?” ad campaign helped the industry recover slightly, but it has not been a permanent fix. The milk industry has additionally continued to compete with plant-based milk alternatives that are generally considered to be a healthier choice. 

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone was stocking up on food and other household goods. Milk sales shot up around this time due to the number of kids staying home all day from school, enjoying milk more with their meals. Adults started having more time to bake, cook or have an extra bowl of cereal later at night. This gave the milk industry an idea to keep those sales high.

As such, they sought to revitalize their most successful ad campaign to fit the new Millennial and Gen Z audiences. "Got Milk?" Then created the #gotmilkchallange that was displayed through a variety of social media platforms but mainly on the newly popular media called TikTok. With that challenge came a new wave of ads.

What makes this new version of "Got Milk?" Effective? Thoughts From a Media Buying Agency in Denver

Whether you’re strolling through Denver or scrolling on social media, you’ll likely come across a “Got Milk?” ad on occasion this spring. And while they lack the classic celebrity presence of the past, the ads have evolved and will likely lead to a resurging interest in the beverage.

One thing that makes this very familiar ad campaign still effective today is that milk processors and providers are showing the ads on the social media pages to appeal to their target audience. The advertisements are no longer focused on trying to get people to drink milk but rather are encouraging audiences to purchase the product for silly social media games and challenges.

Because the majority of these ads are on YouTube and TikTok, the audience they are trying to persuade is the "social-first generation." This is likely because teens and young adults have a large influence on their parents' grocery shopping behaviors. They also can influence their peers around them by joining the #gotmilkchallange. 

One of the more famous people that jumped on the #gotmilkchallange was Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Katie Ledecky. She made a TikTok that showed her swimming across an Olympic size pool with a glass of chocolate milk on her head. She did not spill! 

Will Milk Sales Continue to Increase?

The population of the United States is slowly transitioning back to normal life post-pandemic. Does this mean people will go back to buying less milk? Will the new “Got Milk?” ad campaigns deliver great results like the previous classic ads? If the milk industry continues to target its customers through digital media platforms, like YouTube and TikTok, there is a good chance milk sales will stay up. 

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