Friday, 08 April 2022 13:03

Denver Advertising Agency Appreciates Autism Awareness Month Ad

Every month, hundreds of brilliant advertisements come out. They grab the attention of their target audience, communicate a persuasive message to their listeners, and create more brand awareness for the company. And this month, one marketing campaign caught our marketer’s attention at our Denver advertising agency.

Many people have not heard of Cox Connection, but it is a company that’s worth following. Cox is an internet and TV streaming company that is currently the only company creating an easy-to-use facial video prototype for those with an autism disability. This prototype has software designed to read user's facial expressions and rely back on the listener with an emoji that best describes their emotions. With the increase in virtual calls due to COVID-19, everyone deserves a way to engage with their peers online.

The Project Convey Ad: Thoughts from a Denver Advertising Agency

To celebrate National Autism Awareness month in April, Cox Connection started the "Project Convey" prototype to help those with autism make more meaningful virtual connections. They advertise this prototype in a two-minute video structured around a 12-year-old boy with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). His name is Jack and he recently moved, but wants to stay in touch with his best friend Grady.

Individuals with ASD can have difficulty interpreting emotions on video chat, which can pose challenges to building and maintaining connections. In “Jack’s Story,” the Project Convey tool is broken down and demonstrated in real time, allowing Jack to better connect with his friend.

“Jack’s Story” is one of many Projects Convey ads that speak to the tool’s features and how it can better support individuals with ASD.

Can Emojis Speak Louder than Words?

In the case of Project Convey, yes; emojis do speak louder than words. As Cox Connection puts it, "Project Convey analyzes facial expressions, words, and tone of voice to interpret and assign meaning to video chat interactions, translating them instantly into emoji outputs that individuals on the spectrum can readily understand."

To grab their audience, the “Project Convey” ad series showcases people of all ages with autism talking about their struggles to understand everyday social cues. They include real doctors who have experience helping people with autism and those professionals understand the struggle their patients go through every day in life. They even filmed the process of creating the automated emoji system that helps users understand words, tone of voice, and facial expressions.

Timing is everything when it comes to creating an ad campaign and Cox Connections got its timing right with this advertising effort. April is National Autism Awareness Month and with the world coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people's work and social lives are changing. More people prefer to use video chat for work meetings and others are trying to connect with others across long distances. All these ways to connect pose challenges for those with disabilities. Specifically, those with autism spectrum disorder.

At the end of each video ad, Cox Connection ends on an inspirational note with people using the video application and showing how it makes their lives easier.

Why We Appreciate This Ad at FiG

As a Denver advertising agency, we understand the importance of accessibility, timing, and key messaging. We believe this advertisement connects with its target audience thanks to its overall message of wanting to make life easier for those with autism. The technology used in "Project Convey" is not something you see being used to help those with a disability very often. So, we are happy to see Cox taking the initiative to improve lives and help others with innovative technology.

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