Wednesday, 16 November 2022 15:16

Our Website Designers in Denver Helped Launch a New Business 

At FiG, we prioritize client relationships and aim to collaborate frequently with every single client. This approach has helped our website designers in Denver maintain strong relationships and receive repeat referrals from past and current clients. We’re pleased to announce that we’re starting a new client relationship with a new small business thanks to a long-standing client partnership.

Our digital marketing agency has recently kicked off a new partnership with Cognitivve Neurofeedback, a new and exciting small business in Colorado Springs!

Who is Cognitivve?

Cognitivve is a specialized mental health business founded by a neurofeedback specialist named Carli Streich. The company founder has spent decades in the field of neurofeedback after finding lasting relief from severe anxiety thanks to this therapy.

After building several successful neurofeedback clinics, Carli decided to start her own business closer to home to help others improve their daily lives through neurofeedback. Across the country, there is an unmet need for mental health assistance and support, and far too many families and individuals who don't know where to turn when they aren't getting the results that they need from medications or talk therapy. Cognitivve was founded to address this gap in Colorado communities and act as a supportive resource for the community.

How Our Website Designers in Denver are Helping Cognitivve

One of the first steps to founding any new business is creating a company website. How else will people learn about your company in this digital-centric age?

After founding her company, Carli came to FiG for a new website and marketing support because she had experienced the successes of our marketing efforts first-hand with her previous employers. We would be able to deliver quality results for Cognitivve because of previous successes and we were eager to get started.

By relying our on years of SEO expertise and website design knowledge, we began to create a well-developed company website for Cognitivve. Our website designers adhered to best practices for the user interface (UI) of the website to ensure it was smooth, reliable, and streamlined for the user. We prioritize the user experience (UX) at every turn to leave a lasting positive impression on site visitors and encourage more contacts through the site.

With the design in place, our digital marketers thoroughly researched relevant keywords and localized phrases to optimize the content strategy for the client's website. Through multiple iterations, we were able to craft well-optimized content to establish a strong starting point for Cognitivve.

FiG launched the new Cognitivve website in late October of this year and we’re already seeing great traffic to the site. Check it out today!


Ongoing SEO Efforts

While our team has provided the website with a strong SEO foundation, it needs constant maintenance and new original content to further improve its organic search engine rankings. Our marketing partnership has entered into a new phase of ongoing SEO efforts, which will include things like:

  • New monthly blog content optimized for local search phrases
  • Active online directory management and optimizations
  • Link-building activities

We’re excited to see where our partnership goes from here and what results we can generate for Cognitivve. Stay tuned for future updates!

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