Tuesday, 28 February 2023 14:17

Growing Koalaty Through Search Engine Marketing in Denver

We are pleased to announce that our agency has kicked off another marketing partnership, this time with a local home improvement business called Koalaty Home Services. Our agency will be leveraging a multi-pronged marketing strategy and innovative tactics for search engine marketing in Denver to improve lead-generation efforts. We're very excited about this partnership and we can't wait to tell you all about it.

When You Want Quality, Think Koalaty

Since 2016, Koalaty Home Services has provided exterior home restoration and renovation services to homes all across the Denver metro area. The company provides a wide range of exterior services including siding repairs and replacements, deck repairs and installations, windows and doors, and more.

Before our partnership began in June 2022, Koalaty Home Services changed ownership. After spending years in the construction industry, Adam Andrus acquired Koalaty Home Services and realized that the company's marketing efforts were lacking. He turned to our team at Real FiG Advertising + Marketing for our expertise and marketing services.

How We Leverage Search Engine Marketing in Denver for Koalaty

Throughout our partnership with Koalaty Home Services, our team has been working hard to deliver immediate leads for the client and improve long-term lead generation efforts. Our digital marketing has been simultaneously focusing on two main efforts:

This dual-pronged strategy has proved to be highly effective for many of our clients over the years, as it keeps the phone ringing in the short term and drives marketing costs down over time. This search engine marketing strategy works because the PPC ads drive immediate traffic, while the SEO strategy works to gradually improve the client's positioning for relevant search terms.

Over time, the client website becomes well-positioned on the first page of organic search results. This leads to increased organic traffic and organic leads down the line, which costs the client nothing. However, it is important to note that it does take time for the SEO work to take hold, which is why paid ads are so important.

With Koalaty Home Services, our team began the project by first optimizing the entire client website for relevant search terms. Our content creators updated all pages on the website, took steps to improve the site speed, and optimized various back-end elements to improve site performance.

At the same time, our team launched a hyper-targeted paid search campaign on Google Ads. These ads have been targeting localized keywords and phrases that are relevant to the client's services and specialties. Almost immediately, this campaign led to a dramatic increase in site traffic and conversions.

To reinforce our ongoing SEO strategy, our team has been creating and publishing original monthly content optimized around specific keywords. Over time, this new monthly content will lead to long-term gains in average organic search engine rankings.

Additional Marketing Initiatives

Every single marketing campaign needs to have multiple avenues and should explore various channels to have the maximum possible impact. To support our ongoing SEM efforts, FiG is handling several other marketing initiatives for Koalaty.

For instance, our team is generating organic social media content for our client's social channels and handles paid social advertising efforts. In addition, we are exploring email marketing strategies to reengage previous clients and nurture prospects.

To fully round out our marketing efforts, FiG will be distributing direct mail campaigns throughout the year. These direct mail blasts will support lead generation after intense weather events in the metro area and will increase brand awareness for Koalaty Home Services.

Stay tuned for future updates on our client partnership!

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