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Denver Web Design Agency Establishes Online Presence For Fountainhead Commercial

FiG is, once again, very excited to announce one of our newest partnerships with Fountainhead Commercial, a commercial real estate brokerage business. Business founder and owner, Lowrey Burnett, has almost 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and has branched out on his own, founding Fountainhead Commercial this year. He was very eager to get their marketing started and approached FiG due to expertise in brand development, Denver web design, search engine optimization, and much more.

Branding And Web Design For Denver Start-Up: Fountainhead Commercial

Developing The Fountainhead Commercial Brand

Nothing is more imperative to the success of a business than their brand. Since Fountainhead Commercial was just getting started when our partnership began, our first priority was to thoroughly develop a professional brand. As an experienced branding agency, our first step was to conduct internal interviews at Fountainhead to better understand the guiding values of the company and how the culture influences operations.

As we developed a better understanding of their business, our expert graphic designer worked through several iterations of the Fountainhead logo. We worked diligently to ensure that their logo accurately represented the services, values, and expertise. The name of the company was based on an Ayn Rand book and the meaning behind it was a very important influence. Burnett wanted to ensure that his branding would represent his company as a source of knowledge that clients could rely on throughout the entire process of navigating the commercial real estate landscape. We’re very proud of how the final logo turned out.

The official logo for Fountainhead Commercial.
The finished logo design for Fountainhead Commercial.

But, we didn’t stop there. Every business needs branded materials, so FiG worked to develop aesthetically pleasing business cards, professional email signatures, along with branded property fliers, spec sheets, and white papers. These branded materials are critical to the success of any business.

The Process of Denver Web Design for Fountainhead

Once we decided on a final logo design, our next step was to implement the brand in a functioning website for Fountainhead. While some businesses seeking high-quality Denver web design need help getting their site found and guiding customers to convert, Fountainhead was a brand new organization. So, we started from scratch.

Our talented Denver web design team built the new website from the ground up, first starting with an intuitive site map. Since over 52% of all online traffic is through mobile phones, we made mobile-friendly optimization our top priority. We also greatly emphasized a focus on the user interface (UI) design, to encourage site visitors to stay and engage further with Fountainhead. We will continue to optimize the UI in the future so that any site visitors have a great experience with Fountainhead.

The new Fountainhead Commercial website design, courtesy of our Denver web design agency.
The homepage of the new Fountainhead Commercial website, developed by our Denver web design agency.

The new site for Fountainhead Commercial launched in May. Visit Fountainhead Commercial to see what Denver web design looks like in action.

Ongoing Search Engine Marketing

As we completed the website, our search engine optimization (SEO) professionals conducted intensive and thorough keyword research. This helped us identify phrases and keywords that Burnett’s ideal audience would be searching for. FiG wrote optimized content for each page of the Fountainhead website. We’ve continued to do so by routinely publishing blog content optimized for supplementary keywords and phrases, establishing Fountainhead Commercial as an expert in the space.

Part of our SEO efforts included the creation of in-depth case studies and success stories, as well. As a new organization in a highly competitive space, it was important to highlight Burnett’s past successes so that we could begin establishing trust amongst new, potential clients.

As we work to further capitalize upon our lead generation strategies, FiG will continue to optimize the digital presence of Fountainhead Commercial through routine SEO maintenance, performance tracking methods, link building strategies, paid search campaigns, and much more. In addition to these tactics, we’ll be supporting Fountainhead Commercial in social media campaigns, as well as marketing automation efforts. As you can see, we’re much more than a Denver web design firm.

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