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Analytical Website Improvements From A Top Web Design Company In Denver

FiG has recently started up a new and exciting partnership that we’re elated to share today! Our new Denver-based client, Analytics Computers, is a leading provider of IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. The company has seen success in the Denver area since their inception in 1993. As the competition in Denver has risen in recent years, Analytics Computers wanted to improve their digital presence. To accomplish this, they sought out the expertise of a leading web design company in Denver, which has led to our new partnership. Our team at FiG didn’t waste any time getting to work.

Improving Analytics Computers As A Top Web Design Company in Denver

Our partnership with Analytics Computers has steadily evolved over these past few months. We’re very proud of how far we’ve already come.


Every web design company in Denver knows how important search engine optimization (SEO) is for a website. When we initially brought on Analytics Computers as a client, we were solely focused on improving their search engine rankings. They wanted to improve their visibility and to ultimately generate more high-quality leads from organic search engine traffic. To accomplish this, we conducted thorough keyword research and began to publish monthly blog content on their website.

While these optimized blogs generated new web traffic, the search engine rankings saw minimal changes. Our team quickly realized that our SEO efforts would be stifled by other aspects of their website design. Their SEO was negatively impacted by a surplus of old blogs, their web design wasn’t entirely mobile-friendly, and their site had slow load times. Search engines scrutinize almost every aspect of a website design when they rank that site. Clearly, a website redesign was the best course of action.

Website Redesign

The old website for Analytics Computers worked well for many years. But, our web design company in Denver quickly spotted some flaws in their system. Their brand aesthetic was a little underwhelming and disjointed. The user interface was clunky and slightly confusing. And there wasn’t a clear path through the sales funnel for their website visitors. We felt that the user experience (UX) needed some significant improvements.

A screenshot of the older website for Analytics Computers.
An example screenshot of the old website for Analytics Computers.

Our team of expert web designers started out by focusing in on the user journey. We needed an engaging design that would encourage conversions from website visitors. Through a communicative process with the client, we worked to develop a more interactive and fluid UX. We emphasized an intuitive user interface, a professional brand-aligned website aesthetic, and a mobile-friendly design to simplify the conversion process.

The finished product had significantly improved the UX and was optimized for greater conversions of high-quality leads. We launched the new website for Analytics Computers at the start of August 2019.

A screenshot of the recently redesigned website for Analytics Computers.
The homepage of the recently redesigned website for Analytics Computers.

After launching the website, our web design company in Denver saw some great results. Within the first month, the redesigned website saw:

  • A surging increase of 100% in direct website traffic.

  • A 33% increase in new site visitors.

  • An increase of 22% in conversions.

  • And an increase of 37% in pages viewed per session.

These initial results were encouraging and they indicated that the redesign will lead to more future conversions. We believe that the improved user experience had a lot to do with these initial numbers. As we continue to tweak the website, we expect these results to improve.

Incremental Website Improvements: SEO & Customer Service

A good website is not complete without a solid foundation of SEO. Our writers took the content of the old website and rewrote it with new keywords in mind to improve the search engine rankings of the new site. When it comes to SEO, our team never leaves a single stone unturned. We optimized every part of that website to ultimately improve their search engine rankings. Our team will continue to improve those rankings with monthly blog content that’s fully optimized for the target market of Analytics Computers.

In the IT industry, customer service is incredibly important. The quality of the customer service can be the key deciding factor for many customers. To help improve this business factor, we helped integrate a fully operational chatbot into the website of Analytics Computers. Their chatbot works to answer initial questions first and then connect visitors with a customer representative.

Continuing To Improve Their Digital Visibility

While we may be a web design company in Denver, we aren’t strictly limited to that service. The field of digital marketing encompasses much more than just website design. As we continue to work with Analytics Computers, we will be handling a few additional digital services for them.

FiG will use the content we create for Analytics Computers (e.g., blogs, videos, etc.) for further content marketing strategies. This content will be used primarily for social media marketing purposes. Our strategies will be designed to ultimately improve the digital visibility of Analytics Computers. Moving forward, we’ll continue to develop content and social media strategies for their benefit.

Stay tuned for future updates on this growing partnership!

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