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Improving Braincode Centers With Expert Web Design In Denver

Everyone at FiG has been thrilled to add another interesting client to our diverse portfolio. FiG has recently entered into a partnership with Braincode Centers, an incredible provider of mental health care services. Their clinical technicians utilize a number of innovative treatments and therapies to provide high-quality support for mental health conditions and disorders. Braincode Centers strives to make these treatments widely accessible, so naturally they wanted to improve their digital presence to maximize that access. At FiG, we were happy to provide them with a number of digital services, starting off with web design in Denver.

The Website Redesign

Our partnership was initially kicked off by a comprehensive redesign of their existing website. Braincode Centers (formerly called NeurOptimize) approached FiG because they were dissatisfied with their current website. Their staff had very difficult experiences working with their former website design agency. Not only was the website performance unsatisfactory, the web design agency would also ignore requests to improve or change the site. Their website content was not customized and it was riddled with errors, both syntactically and structurally. Braincode Centers finally said enough was enough when they realized they didn’t actually own their website. In fact, the website design agency owned it, which meant Braincode Centers had basically no control over their business website.

A screenshot of the old homepage of the Braincode Centers website (formerly NeurOptimize), before they came to FiG for web design in Denver.
A screenshot of the original homepage of the Braincode Centers website.

The professionals at Braincode Centers wanted things to change quickly and FiG was more than happy to help out. As a leading provider of high-quality web design in Denver, FiG can design fully customized websites for any business. We believe that template website designs are lazy and ineffective, so instead we build custom websites from scratch.

Another screenshot of the old Braincode Centers website (formerly NeurOptimize), before they came to FiG for expert web design in Denver.
Another screenshot of the prior Braincode Centers homepage.

Our website designers quickly set to work on redesigning the client website. We first performed a comprehensive restructuring of the entire site. With a more intuitive sitemap, website visitors will have a far easier time finding the things they need. Our staff then rewrote all of the site content and optimized the site for the appropriate search engine keywords. The web designers of FiG also:

  • Incorporated appropriate imagery for the treatments and services offered by Braincode Centers for a stronger brand aesthetic.

  • And added in helpful sidebar features to make navigation far easier for site visitors.

We finished up the Braincode Centers website by installing heat mapping software on the site. We believe that the best web design in Denver needs accurate insights and data from real human website visitors. The heat mapping software allows us to track how site visitors navigate and interact with the site. That data can often reveal ways to improve the user interface (UI) for a more enjoyable user experience (UX). When you have a better UX, you’re far more likely to convert visitors. Our team will continue to update and improve the site’s design with those valuable insights.

A screenshot of the new Braincode Centers website homepage, a great example of expert web design in Denver, provided by FiG Advertising + Marketing.
The redesigned homepage for the Braincode Centers website, courtesy of FiG.

At FiG, we pride ourselves on our ability to flexibly meet the clients’ needs. That’s why whenever we build custom websites, we make sure that the site is the client’s property by the end of the project. We launched the new Braincode Centers website at the end of May 2019. Now, we’re very happy to report that the new website is completely owned by Braincode Centers. We were very pleased to give them the controls and abilities that they wished they had with their past agency.

How Has The New Braincode Centers Web Design In Denver Performed?

The new website for Braincode Centers has now been live for roughly half of 2019. Over the course of that time span, the new website design has seen some great results. Since launching the site, Braincode Centers has experienced:

  • A 184% increase in site users.

  • A 139% increase in sessions on the site.

  • An increase of 24% in the average time spent on a page.

  • An average click-through-rate (CTR) of 2.3%.

The new website has also seen a significant 59% growth in total impressions and a growth of 12% in total clicks since we've launched the redesigned site.

We’re very proud of how the site has performed thus far. We think these results demonstrate how effectively a strong web design in Denver can benefit your business. We’re positive that these numbers will only continue to go up.

Additional Marketing Initiatives

We may have delivered a high-quality web design in Denver, but that doesn’t mean we’re done working with Braincode Centers. Our staff members at FiG will continue to support Braincode Centers through a multitude of marketing means.

First and foremost, our team will continue to improve the search engine rankings for the client site. We will accomplish this through diligent SEO improvements and adjustments, alongside continuous blogging and content creation.

Next, our team will also coordinate and execute social media marketing efforts for Braincode Centers. Whether it’s video marketing or a series of paid ads, we’ll support their continuous business growth via social media. Our team will strive to make sure that the social media campaigns drive additional traffic to the website.

To cap it all off, FiG will be developing email marketing strategies for Braincode Centers as well. This will mainly consist of a monthly newsletter, in the hopes of increasing their repeat and referral business. In the future, there may be additional opportunities for increased marketing automation.

Regardless of our marketing strategies, we’re very eager to see where Braincode Centers goes next. Today we’ve focused mainly on their new web design in Denver. However, we’ll update the progress of this unique client in future blogs, touching on other aspects of our marketing initiatives.

So, stay tuned for more updates on our achievements with Braincode Centers!

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