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Denver Branding Firm Creates A Strong Brand Identity For McWhorter CNR

Today we’re incredibly happy to announce the beginning of yet another ongoing partnership. Thanks to a referral from our clients over at NeurOptimize, FiG has recently begun working with Dr. Jeffrey McWhorter. For years, Dr. McWhorter has been leading the way in Denver’s chiropractic space, as he has offered innovative treatments for chronic neurological conditions. Dr. McWhorter wanted to make his cutting-edge treatments more widely available for Denverites. He started down that path by founding McWhorter Chiropractic and Neurological Rehab (CNR) this year. To jumpstart his business, McWhorter reached out to FiG for the expertise that only our Denver branding firm could provide.

Professional Logo Design From Our Denver Branding Firm

When you’re launching a new business, the first thing you always need is a logo design. You cannot undervalue the importance of effective branding. As a leading branding firm in the Denver area, we were eager for the design challenge. Dr. McWhorter mainly focuses on issues dealing with the spine, shoulders, and knees. However, he also offers innovative treatments, like class IV laser therapy or hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to treat a wide array of conditions. From concussions and migraines to vertigo and ADHD, the treatments at McWhorter CNR are widely applicable and effective.

His unique business presented an interesting challenge for our designers. A high-quality logo should be eye-catching and authentic, while it simultaneously describes your business. It’s not always easy to capture these elements in a single logo design. However, our Denver branding firm has a tried-and-tested process for designing award-winning logos. At the end of our communicative and iterative process, FiG had developed the final logo for McWhorter CNR.

The logo for McWhorter CNR, designed by our Denver branding firm. The logo is comprised of green and blue colors, displaying an artistic brain and spinal stem within a human body.

Our Denver branding firm didn’t stop there. To ensure a comprehensive brand identity for McWhorter CNR, our designers created business cards, branded letterheads, and branded email signatures for his business. We were very proud of the finished logo design and our designers were eager to get started on the next step of the project.

Customized Website Design

As any branding firm understands, a website design needs to be heavily influenced by the brand. Your website is the first touch point with plenty of potential customers, so your website needs to be well made and well branded. With the logo design finished, our marketers set to work on the custom website design for McWhorter CNR.

We first focused on developing an intuitive, yet simplistic site structure with great SEO potential. From there, our designers put the user experience first. Our Denver branding firm emphasized a website design that presented information clearly and was easy to navigate from every single page. For instance, when users visit the homepage and scroll down, they quickly see a grid of various conditions and associated pictures. They immediately have accessible ways to learn more about the offered treatments.

Our SEO specialists happily drafted all of the site content for the new McWhorter CNR site. We ensured the content was written for humans first and search engines second to craft a high-quality user experience. As we wrapped up the custom site design, our Denver branding firm added the final touches of a branded color scheme to the site. The McWhorter CNR website launched in the middle of October this year and we’re excited to see how it performs in the coming months.

A screenshot of the professionally designed website for McWhorter CNR, creating a comprehensive brand identity for the Denver business.
A screenshot of the redesigned homepage of the McWhorter CNR website, developed by our Denver branding firm.

Ongoing SEO And Additional Marketing Initiatives

The McWhorter CNR site is now fully optimized for the appropriate keywords, however it will take a lot more time and effort to see changes in the search engine traffic. As we head into the next few months, our content writers will be drafting blog content for McWhorter CNR on a continuous basis. FiG will continue to reoptimize the site for new keywords and adjust the site content for consumer behaviors.

FiG will also be handling the promoted and organic social media marketing efforts for McWhorter CNR. We will strive to effectively manage his social media accounts to engage with his followers and attract new clients. In addition, our staff will provide video marketing services to further promote his innovative treatments.

Our entire Denver branding firm is very excited to see where McWhorter CNR will go next! Through our effective marketing support, we’re positive that McWhorter CNR will see plenty of growth in the coming years.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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