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How To Craft The Best Digital Marketing Campaign In Denver - Lessons Learned From Recent Campaigns

Marketing campaigns come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some campaigns are regional, others are national. Many campaigns are exclusively print, while many others stick to digital platforms. Everyone wants their marketing campaign to generate the best ROI for their business. Crafting the best digital marketing campaign in Denver is much harder than you might think. When you’re developing your campaign, it can help to examine other successful ones first. They might have some important insights that can improve your campaign. Our team identified some important lessons from a few of the best recent campaigns in Denver to help identify what your campaign needs to succeed.

Examining What The Best Digital Marketing Campaign In Denver Should Entail

The effectiveness of a marketing campaign depends on its unique messaging. These 3 distinctive marketing campaigns absolutely nail their messaging on multiple levels. Let’s dive into the key elements that set these campaigns apart.

A “Wilder” Marketing Campaign

This special marketing initiative comes from the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO). The organization is in the third year of their Generation Wild marketing campaign, aimed at motivating kids to get outside, exercise, and explore. This new phase, made in conjunction with Sukle Advertising & Design, has introduced a fantastical creature called “Wilder.” The hairy creature is described as being “part goat, part yeti, and all friend.” This mascot is designed to spark imaginations and connect people of all ages with the wonders of being outside.

The organization has been running ads featuring the fascinating creature on TV, digital platforms, and social media (check out the digital ad below). The mascot is also a centerpoint of their various experiential marketing events across Colorado.


It’s not an easy task to create the best digital marketing campaign in Denver. So, what can this creative campaign teach us? First and foremost, it demonstrates the value of well-targeted digital advertising. The Wilder campaign effectively reaches their target audience in the best possible way. On average, kids and teens between the ages of 8-18 spend 7 hours a day looking at the screens of their devices. The digital Wilder ads can reach those kids at the perfect time and place: When they’re on their smart devices before, after, or at school.

The Wilder campaign not only nails the targeting aspect, but also the messaging. The fantastical creature, Wilder, is a great way to get their key messaging across to the younger generation. The campaign’s creative creature undoubtedly makes kids stop scrolling through Facebook and engage with the digital ad. Wilder is the ideal mascot for this campaign because the creature’s appearance is thought-provoking, engaging, and mysterious - the perfect combination for imaginative kids. If that doesn’t motivate kids to get outside, we don’t know what will!

A Personal Connection Campaign

The University of Colorado has had great success with many of their past marketing initiatives. Their most recent campaign, ALL FOUR: COLORADO, is no exception. This clever campaign (with a punny name) draws focus to the connections between all four of the CU campuses. The campaign includes marketing collateral for print and out-of-home advertising. But, the commercials are at the heart of the campaign. The ads, developed for TV and digital platforms, feature the unique stories of first-generation college students from each campus.


These ads provide some great insight for anyone trying to make the best digital marketing campaign in Denver. Every prospective college student is looking for something different in a university (e.g., tuition/scholarships, specific courses, campus culture, etc.). For most prospective students, a personal connection is the strongest reason to attend one university over another.

CU highlighted the diverse stories of their current students in an inspirational way, which demonstrates a fervent dedication to their students. The campaign has emphasized a strong connection not only between the campuses, but between the goals of their students and those of the university. This campaign should connect very well with those first-generation prospective college students. Most prospective students are likely searching for schools online, which positions these ads as the perfect opportunity to connect and engage with those searchers.

A Fiesty And Spicy Campaign

Many people have personal convictions on the topic of chile. Plenty of passionate debaters will talk for hours on where the best chile comes from. It’s a topic of discussion that has raged on in the American southwest for years. The New Mexico Tourism Department has capitalized upon that debate in the best way possible. Their new marketing campaign claims that New Mexico is the “Chile Capital Of The World.” Although the tagline is on most New Mexican license plates, many Coloradans might disagree with that claim. That kind of disagreement is the intention of this innovative marketing campaign. The messages have been mainly spread through TV and billboards in Colorado and New Mexico. However, the campaign has also relied on branded digital ads that specifically call out Colorado’s chile. Check out one of the digital ads below:


If you’re trying to create the best digital marketing campaign in Denver, there are some good lessons you can learn from this regional campaign. The messaging of the ads intentionally stoke a regional rivalry between Colorado and New Mexico. Ask any Colorado citizen and they’ll share with you how incredibly proud they are of their state. This advertising campaign plays off of that inherent Coloradan pride and it uses it to benefit New Mexico. This campaign illustrates how emotional storytelling can create innovative marketing ideas.

At the very least, the digital and physical ads start a conversation. The campaign gives tourists another great reason to visit New Mexico. The competitive nature of these ads could drive some Coloradans to visit New Mexico and compare the chile first hand. Which means, more money for New Mexico’s tourism.

What Can We Learn From These Marketing Campaigns?

Although they have a multitude of differences, these marketing campaigns share a few things in common. When you’re crafting the best digital marketing campaign in Denver, reflect back on the key lessons that these campaigns teach us. Ideally, your campaign should strive to:

  • Craft a Story That Caters to Your Audience - Generation Wild created a mysterious mascot to inspire kids. CU shared student stories to connect with prospective first-generation students. New Mexico stoked a state rivalry to increase tourism. Your campaign needs an engaging centerpiece to connect with your target audience.

  • Emphasize Creativity - These campaign ads could’ve just said, “Get Outside,” “Attend Our School,” or “Visit New Mexico.” But, those messages lack a creative push. Campaigns that go outside of the creative box will always generate the best results.

  • Drive Actionable Decisions - Do you think a digital ad could motivate you to plan out a weekend trip to New Mexico? Or could it inspire you enough to go play outside? Maybe if that ad carried enough emotional appeal. The best digital marketing campaign in Denver should motivate consumers to take quick and decisive action. Don’t let them beat around the bush!

There’s one more imperative lesson to takeaway from these campaigns. The best digital marketing campaign in Denver does not solely focus on digital avenues. The best campaign will include print ads, TV ads, experiential marketing, social ads, and more! High quality marketing campaigns are always multi-pronged, spanning numerous marketing avenues. So, make sure your digital marketing campaign isn’t just digital!

Make The Best Digital Marketing Campaign In Denver For Your Business

The key to business success is a stellar marketing campaign. Don’t just take out an ad in the newspaper! Get the best ROI for your business with a marketing campaign that encompasses multiple marketing avenues.

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