Wednesday, 27 January 2021 11:39

Thoughts on the “Today We Rise” Ad From a Marketing Agency in Denver

Girls and women from every corner of the world watched on January 20th as Kamala Harris, the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, was sworn in as the first female Vice President of the United States. This historic milestone—and what it meant to young girls—was captured in a simple, but poignant film for Girl Up, a gender equality youth initiative of the UNF (United Nations Foundation). This short, purpose-driven advertisement titled “Today We Rise” was created in partnership with Ogilvy and Refinery29. And as a top marketing agency in Denver, we wanted to comment on what made this ad so impactful and special.


Capturing a historic moment in real-time 

The “Today We Rise” spot features the soundtrack of Kamala Harris being sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina to serve on our nation’s highest court. That audio is paired with uplifting instrumentals, as the ad shows the real-time reactions of girls, women, and families in more than 30 households across the United States.

Edited immediately after the inauguration, the ad went live just hours after the event had ended thanks to a volunteer team of photographers and cinematographers that both filmed and produced the ad. 

Telling a story through faces that will shape the future 

Though most ads use some sort of script to get their message across, this one took a different approach. It featured only the audio of Kamala Harris being sworn in paired with the faces of young girls that will shape the future of the U.S. It was fitting for a monumental moment for the millions of Americans who have always yearned to see faces that look like theirs leading at the highest levels of our democracy. 

As the faces fade out, and Madam Vice President Kamala Harris is officially sworn in, a message appears on screen: “When one girl rises, all girls rise.” In many ways, it’s difficult to sum up just how impactful this moment will be to millions of girls around the world. But this ad does a pretty good job at capturing the immense gravity of the event. 

Focused on hope and possibilities of infinite potential 

This ad undoubtedly instills a sense of hope for the millions of girls who are ready to dream big. But at the same time, Global Editor-in-Chief of Refinery29, Simon Oliver, says, “I’m not naive to think the swearing-in of Madam Vice President Kamala Harris was the antidote for a nation in need. It was about representation and showing our girls what’s possible, and the possibility offers hope.”

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