Tuesday, 09 October 2012 09:53

The Biggest Bite 2012 - The Marketing Interns Have Arrived

Intern America and Experience Pros have teamed up to name one local business the company with “The Biggest Bite” and FiG is delighted to be in the running for this award as one of the top 5 companies!

The Biggest Bite award will be given to one company based on having 4 unique characteristics that make up their “bite”:

B – Best Values

I – Intimate Company Culture

T – Team Oriented

E – Encourages Community Development

FiG will be going up against four other businesses in a 7 week competition, running through November 15th, where these characteristics will be challenged to see which company truly does possess each.  To do so, each business will be followed by a group of marketing interns each week who will ultimately judge whether or not the company possesses the “BITE” qualities.  After seeing the companies in action, the interns will judge on which company they would most like to work for and the one with the most votes wins!

We are honored to be going up against four great companies and are excited for the next few weeks!

Check out the Experience Pros Radio Show and the Intern America YouTube channel each week to see how the competition is going! Stay tuned to see if FiG has The Biggest Bite!