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The A-Book 2016 Savvy Awards

For 28 years, 3CMA has reviewed and lauded more than 12,000 entries in this competition, recognizing the absolute best in the art of communications and marketing. The winning entries have created best practices in our field and have served as the benchmark for all local government communication efforts. You are invited to show us what defines your communication efforts and how it has led to success in your community. And, in the process, you might be recognized for being among the “Savviest” organizations in our field!

2016 Savvy Awards

The Savvy Awards competition recognizes outstanding local government achievements in communications, public-sector marketing, and citizen-government relationships. The Savvies salute skilled and effective city, county, agency, or district professionals who have creatively planned and carried out successful innovations in communications and marketing. 3CMA accommodates local government organizations of all sizes and budget classes by judging entries in several different population groups.

The Savvy Awards program also serves as an increasingly important forum for exchanging cutting-edge information and ideas among government professionals. Local governments are in the spotlight now, more than ever. Local government officials must react with innovative, creative approaches and programs. In the Savvy competition, you can share with others how you have risen to the new financial challenges. Other local government professionals would like to learn from your experience and exchange ideas that may help you in the future.

The 2016 Savvy Awards, an event that Adrenalin won an award at for the city of Aurora.

Printed Publications – Other

Population: 61,000 and Up

The A-Book

Descriptive letter was very well done – the problem statement clear and concise. Aurora was really facing a challenge that can begin to be overcome with positive messaging in the A-Book Fantastic written guidelines for the entire city to be consistent, while allowing variation on how departments communicate (within given font choices, colors, and patterns).

View the Judging Comments in full here and how Adrenalin's submission with the City of Aurora performed against the competition.