We are pleased to announce that FiG Advertising + Marketing won four MarCom awards for our work with two of our clients: Spark Interiors and Whole Intent.

Published in FiG Client Case Study
Our FiG team is excited to begin working with Tom Redditt Sales Agency, Inc. for a website design project. The Client  Tom Reddit Sales Agency is a private company specializing in commercial kitchen equipment.  The company was founded in 1952 but never invested in a website.  Though the sales have always been done face to face, lacking a virtual identity has become a problem for the company in this internet dominated age.  Like most traditional businesses, Tom Redditt Sales Agency realizes that potential clients question the authenticity of a company when they cannot find the company's website. The Project Based on years of experiences, the award winning team at FiG recognizes that a website is more than just a virtual identity for  Tom Redditt Sales Agency, Inc.  The goal of the website creation project is to develop a website that will both inform a user on Tom Redditt Sales Agency's products through a dynamic product catalog, as well as encourage entry into the sales pipeline. Check back soon to see the Tom Redditt Sales Agency website! Do you need a marketing company to build a website?  FiG can help.