Monday, 18 March 2019 10:37

Case Study - FiG Receives MarCom Awards For Client Brands & Websites

We are pleased to announce that our award-winning ad agency - FiG Advertising + Marketing - won four MarCom awards for our website design and brand design work with two of our clients: Spark Interiors and Whole Intent.

Award-Winning Ad Agency Wins MarCom Awards

Specifically, we received two Platinum MarCom awards for our redesign of the Spark Interiors website and our work on the Whole Intent brand, along with two Gold MarCom awards for updating the Spark Interiors brand and developing the Whole Intent website. As an award-winning ad agency, we’re proud of our achievements and will continue to improve upon our work.

What Are MarCom Awards?

Originally established in 2004, MarCom is an international organization that “recognizes excellence in the distillation of ideas, messages and media by marketing and communication professionals.” The organization receives over 6,000 digital and print entries from countries all over the world; from there, the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP) administers the award process by providing judges, supporting recognition programs, and rewarding outstanding achievement and service to the community.

FiG MarCom Awards: Spark Interiors

We have partnered with Spark Interiors, a Denver-based interior design business, since 2017. Since we brought them on as a client, we’ve supported many facets of their digital marketing tactics, but most notably we redesigned the company website and developed their new brand.

Website Redesign

Our talented staff worked closely with Spark Interiors to develop stronger body copy for the website, develop a polished and professional aesthetic, optimize the website for search engines, and improve the overall website structure.

We’re proud to report that two months after the website was completed, Spark Interiors digital presence exploded as web traffic to the site had tripled. Read more about our website updates in our previous blog post. For this website work, we received a Platinum MarCom award.

FiG is proud of our redesign efforts on the Spark Interiors website.

Brand Updates

While we worked to redesign the Spark Interiors website, our graphic designer worked closely with the Spark Interiors founder, Megan Thompson, to rebrand the business as a whole. Through collaborative iterations, we developed a strong logo design for Spark Interiors that captured the essential aesthetic of the business. From there, FiG worked to update the brand on all digital platforms to create a stronger brand identity and consistent messaging for a professional appearance. These dedicated efforts earned us a Gold MarCom award.

FiG received a Gold MarCom award for our work on the Spark Interiors brand, including a logo redesign, seen here.

FiG MarCom Awards: Whole Intent

FiG has been working with Whole Intent, a Denver-based fitness and nutrition company, for just over a year and the business has already seen terrific growth. Our digital marketing efforts have generated a great amount of leads for Whole Intent and we believe we’ll continue to see steady success for the brand.

Building the Brand

When the founder of Whole Intent, Ashlee Van Buskirk, first approached FiG she had a rough concept of what she wanted the business to be. Our experts worked tirelessly with her to not only decide on a company name but to also design her logo and lay the foundations for her brand. Since Ashlee’s clients will work to master three pillars of healthy lifestyle- fitness, nutrition, and wellness - our graphic designer created a brand that communicated those three elements well.

FiG received a Platinum MarCom award for our work on the Whole Intent brand, including their logo here.

We continued to develop her brand by utilizing a mood board and developing other branded assets for her business. Learn more about our work with Whole Intent. For our work on the Whole Intent brand, FiG received a Platinum MarCom award.

Website Redesign

Following the finalization of the Whole Intent brand, our team of digital marketers focused on building up the Whole Intent website from scratch. Working collaboratively with Buskirk, we mapped out the website, designed wireframes and page designs, and published the website online. As an ongoing process, we continue to optimize her website for search engines to drive additional leads towards her business.

Our work on the Whole Intent website earned us a Gold MarCom award. We’re very excited to see where we can go with Whole Intent next.

Redesigning the Whole Intent website took time, but in the end the wait was worth it.

The Future Of FiG

As an entire agency, we are incredibly proud to receive these awards from MarCom. While the future is always uncertain, we are confident in our tried-and-tested abilities to develop outstanding websites and brands to ultimately drive more leads to our clients. We know that these won’t be the last awards we’ll brag about.


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