Monday, 04 December 2017 07:47

Client Case Study: Spark Interiors Triples Web Traffic

Spark Interiors is a Denver-based interior design firm run by local businesswoman Megan Thompson. After being founded in 2013, Spark Interiors quickly reached and surpassed a number of milestones, including acquiring some major commercial accounts, such as the Arvada Chamber of Commerce. It was this experience with corporate interior design that led to Spark Interiors' goal of becoming a leading design firm for commercial spaces.

After recognizing some shortcomings with Spark Interiors current digital visibility and reach, Megan came to us.

She knew that in order to widen her exposure to commercial clients, Spark Interiors would need to optimize their digital presence. We conducted initial market research and determined a campaign strategy that would help Spark Interiors achieve their goals.

Website Redesign

The original website for Spark Interiors lacked two key components that drive digital success. The first was an aesthetic appeal that was consistent with the brand and promoted user-friendliness and the second was body copy to prove authority on the subject of commercial interior design.

Our graphic designer worked closely with Megan to develop a unique brand identity that kept users on the Spark Interiors web pages. With aesthetically pleasing design enhancements and a user-friendly interface, the bounce rate decreased by more than 150 percent. A bounce rate is the percentage of web users who navigate away from a site after viewing only a single page. We interpret a low bounce to mean that users are finding what they are looking for when viewing our web pages.

Search Engine Optimization

The next step was to optimize the content on the Spark Interiors website to show search engines that we provide what searchers are looking for when they use certain keywords. Page by page, we built out the content for each of the Spark Interiors specialties. The increased usability and keyword optimized content drove organic search traffic to a 120 percent increase. Spark Interiors more than tripled the number of new users that visited their website last month.

Direct Marketing

The Spark Interiors direct mail marketing campaign launched last month, reaching thousands of Colorado residents with high-quality, printed collateral.

Email Marketing

A fully automated e-mail campaign launched this month, including unique newsletters written by the Spark Interiors principal designer. With a customized workflow, we are able to deliver personalized messaging to potential, current, and past clients to establish top-of-mind awareness for Spark Interiors within a targeted audience.

Campaign Results

While the Spark Interiors marketing campaign continues to expand, the results of the initial efforts are undeniable. With overall site traffic more than tripled since the launch of this campaign and interaction with nearly 300 new users, the Spark Interiors digital presence has exploded. In just six weeks, Spark Interiors has been contacted by more than 30 potential clients.

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