Tuesday, 30 March 2021 12:29

Advertising Agency In Denver Achieves Strong Client Expansion

Over the past 3 years, we have maintained a durable partnership with Ethos Roofing & Restoration, a Colorado-based roofing and general contracting business. Throughout our marketing partnership, we have generated plenty of outstanding leads and measurable results for Ethos. However, in the wake of this most recent hail-less roofing season, Ethos sought to revitalize its business through a business expansion. As their trusted advertising agency in Denver, our marketers at Real FiG Advertising + Marketing were ready to support their expansion.

Our agency has managed to achieve great things for Ethos throughout our partnership and we're excited to share our results from this new marketing venture.

A New Frontier For Ethos

For Ethos Roofing & Restoration, storm damage repairs are their bread-and-butter. While they offer other exterior contracting services (e.g., window installations, siding services, painting, etc.), the Ethos contracting crew mainly specializes in roof storm damage restorations. Unfortunately, Colorado experienced one of the driest, warmest, and storm-less years ever recorded in 2020 (CPR).

The lack of storm-damaged homes in Colorado paired with the COVID-19 pandemic put Ethos in the hot seat. Their contracting business needed to find a way to bring in new roofing projects. So the company owner decided to expand their operations into a state that needed their services badly: Alabama.

Throughout the entirety of 2020, Alabama and the rest of the Gulf Coast saw a record-breaking 30 tropical storms, 13 of which became hurricanes (al.com). In fact, the state of Alabama was hit directly by two major hurricanes — Sally and Zeta — in quick succession in September and October of 2020 respectively.

Those storms inflicted significant damage to homes and buildings all throughout Alabama, especially those that were closer to the coast. Ethos recognized that damage as an opportunity for their brand and decided to expand into the state as quickly as possible. And that's where our advertising agency in Denver stepped in to help.

Retargeting And Restructuring The Ethos Website

To support our lead generation in Alabama, we needed to develop new pages on the Ethos site oriented towards Alabama residents. Thanks to the customizable features of the Ethos website, we were able to accomplish this feat without altering the Colorado side of the site.

Our web designers developed a "hidden" part of the site that was geared specifically towards Alabama. We even developed a unique URL for that side of the site and ensured that each state-specific side was hidden from the other.

As the new pages were built and designed, our content writers were hard at work creating, rewriting, and reformatting content for the new Alabama pages. We conducted an in-depth keyword analysis of the area surrounding the new Ethos Alabama office to pinpoint the most appropriate phrases for the area.

A screenshot of the new Alabama site for Ethos Roofing & Restoration, courtesy of our advertising agency in Denver.
A screenshot of the new homepage for the Ethos Alabama website.

Once the content was placed alongside a proper SEO strategy, we launched the Ethos Alabama site in October 2020.

Integrating Paid Advertising Strategies

With the Alabama side of the site up-and-running, we began implementing a number of paid advertising strategies.

To kick things off, our marketers began running and continuously adjusting a series of PPC ad campaigns. Many Alabama residents were likely eager to get their properties fully repaired and restored. We needed to capture those leads quickly before other contractors could, and PPC advertising presented the perfect way to accomplished exactly that.

In tandem with our digital advertising efforts, we developed direct mail campaigns to reach homeowners and business owners in the Baldwin County area. We had experienced great success with past direct mail campaigns in Colorado, so naturally, we knew those direct mail pieces could generate similar results in Alabama.

The Results Of Our Marketing Efforts

Since Ethos expanded into Alabama in October, we have achieved some impressive results thanks to our multi-pronged marketing strategy. In fact, within these past four months, we have witnessed:

  • An increase in total site contacts of 195%, when compared to the prior four months.
  • An increase of roughly 124% in total site traffic, when compared to the prior four months.
  • Roughly 27% of our site traffic has come from Alabama locations.
  • And an average of 67.8% of our contacts came from Alabama residents.

We are thrilled with the progress that we've made for Ethos thus far. Our marketers are excited to see how these metrics continue to improve as we adjust our marketing strategy for Ethos in Alabama and Colorado.

So be sure to stay tuned for future updates!

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