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Counseling Group Enjoys Success With A SEO Agency In Chicago

Back in December of 2019, we began a new partnership with a Chicago-based business called Wellington Counseling Group (WCG). This team of highly experienced counselors had been serving the Windy City for many years, offering a diverse range of therapeutic treatments to support the mental health of individuals, couples, and families. WCG was interested in improving their digital visibility at the time and FiG had fortunately just established a new Chicago office. Of course, everyone at our SEO agency in Chicago was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with WCG.

For the past year, we have been handling the digital marketing strategy for Wellington’s team. We are proud to say that we’ve managed to achieve some impressive results for their company.

Project Recap: What We’ve Worked On For Wellington

Our partnership with Wellington Counseling Group began with a top-to-bottom redesign of their company website. After all, the first element of any successful digital marketing strategy is a user-friendly site design (Forbes). So we set to work creating a site design that would successfully lead to conversions.

Our web designers focused on restructuring the site to more accurately reflect the services of WCG and to capitalize upon SEO marketing. As we expanded the sitemap, our content writers worked to develop engaging content that not only encouraged conversions and was relevant to search intents, but also spoke to the brand identity of WCG. Our designers additionally focused on improving the user experience, by simplifying site navigation, emphasizing mobile-usability, and creating a clean and consistent brand image across the entire site.

Check out the new website for Wellington Counseling Group, courtesy of our SEO agency in Chicago.
A screenshot of the new and improved website for Wellington Counseling Group.

As the new site for the Wellington Counseling Group launched in January 2020, we moved into the next phase of our partnership: search engine marketing (SEM). In this phase, FiG took a dual-pronged approach to SEM by simultaneously focusing on strategic SEO improvements and pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

For the past year, the content writers of our SEO firm in Chicago have been drafting and publishing high-quality blog content on the WCG website. These articles have been targeting local and industry-relevant keyphrases that have aimed to effectively address search intents. We have additionally worked diligently to ensure that these articles are relevant and engaging to our target audiences.

At the same time, our digital marketers have been planning out and executing paid search campaigns. We designed these PPC ad campaigns to focus on the geographic area of Chicago and to reach our target audiences at the right time and place, by leveraging a wealth of relevant keywords. We’ve taken steps to ensure these keywords have low competition and high search volume so that every cent of our client’s ad budget achieves the maximum results possible.

Our digital marketers have additionally been handling a series of paid social media campaigns for WCG. These campaigns have been aimed at increasing the social following of WCG and driving qualified leads to their new company website.

What We’ve Achieved For WCG As An SEO Agency In Chicago

The first year of our partnership with Wellington Counseling Group is about to come to a close. We’re proud to report that in this uncertain year, we have managed to achieve some great results for WCG. Here’s just a taste of what we’ve accomplished thus far:

  • A year-over-year increase of 67.49% in total site traffic.
  • A 73.42% Year-Over-Year (YOY) increase in organic search traffic.
  • An impressive YOY increase in paid search traffic of 7,950%.
  • A staggering 53.65% increase since January in site contacts from qualified leads.
  • And a 484.74% YOY increase in organic site impressions, alongside a 79.87% YOY increase in organic clicks.

The marketers at our SEO agency in Chicago are additionally proud of the significant progress we’ve made for our client’s search engine rankings. Before our partnership began, the original WCG site was only ranking on the first page for roughly 20 phrases. These keywords mainly consisted of staff member names and phrases that contained the word “Wellington.”

As of writing this article, WCG now ranks on the first page for approximately 70 search queries. The vast majority of these phrases are Chicago-based and are relevant to their services and treatable conditions.

Now that our partnership is extending into 2021, we’re excited to see what we can achieve for WCG in the near future. So stay tuned for updates on our progress!

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