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Creating A Business Wellness Path As A PPC Agency In Denver

Over a year ago, we began a collaborative partnership with one of the top chiropractors in the Denver metro area: Dr. Jeffrey McWhorter. He had been offering innovative treatments for chronic neurological conditions throughout the Denver area and decided to create his own chiropractic and neurological rehabilitation clinic. Dr. McWhorter needed the help of our branding, marketing, and PPC agency in Denver to get it up and running. Over the turbulency of the past year (2020), we were eager to lend a helping hand and we’ve seen some impressive results.

Recapping Our Past Work

As Dr. McWhorter was in the process of starting his business, McWhorter Chiropractic and Neurological Rehabilitation (CNR), we first supported our new client by developing the brand image for his business. As a highly experienced Denver branding firm, we were thrilled to have an exciting branding opportunity on our plate. To create an effective brand for his business, we carefully evaluated his business offerings and his professional personality. We also took into account his unique perspective to develop an eye-catching and authentic brand design.

With the branding in place, we then put on our web designer hats and set to work building a custom site for McWhorter CNR. As with all our websites, our designers focused on creating an ideal user experience that streamlined information and emphasized ease of accessibility. We made sure the site navigation was intuitive and that users would be able to find the resources they need quickly and efficiently. As we wrapped up the site with clear and professional branding, we optimized all of its pages for local and relevant keywords to establish McWhorter CNR in targeted search engine rankings.

The McWhorter CNR website officially launched in October 2019 and we began the next phase of our budding partnership: search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Our experienced writers began creating monthly blog content for McWhorter CNR that targeted local keywords and phrases that were relevant to his industry. We additionally created a handful of PPC ad campaigns to drive immediate leads to McWhorter CNR. Unfortunately, the world had other plans in store in the coming months.

Navigating The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic struck the world in late February and early March of 2020. Since then, the pandemic has created significant problems for businesses across all industries. For numerous months in 2020, businesses across the nation were forced to close their doors to flatten the curve of infections and protect the general health of the public. As McWhorter CNR followed suit and temporarily shut their doors, many of our marketing efforts were put on pause, but not for too long.

At the beginning of the summer of 2020, businesses began to reopen and we knew that our marketing strategy was all the more critical for McWhorter CNR’s success. Once his doors reopened, the marketing pros at FiG quickly began restarting marketing efforts to support his revenue stream. This time, our marketing efforts encompassed much more than just SEO content.

To support his resilient recovery from the pandemic, our marketers implemented a number of paid search campaigns. As a top PPC agency in Denver, we were up to the challenge. Our digital marketing specialists expertly crafted effective ad copy for his PPC campaigns and targeted the most appropriate keywords to ensure the maximum ROI from his ad budget.

In addition to these paid search campaigns, we also implemented hyper-targeted social media advertising efforts to attract new social followers and qualified leads for his business.

Results Of Our Marketing Efforts

Prior to the pandemic, the new site for McWhorter CNR was receiving some impressive results. From October 2019 to February 2020, the McWhorter CNR website saw:

  • An increase of 52.6% in total site visitors
  • A majority of visitors spending upwards of 3 minutes on the site
  • And an increase of 38.1% in total site contacts

After our brief marketing hiatus, we have helped McWhorter CNR emerge stronger through the pandemic. We’re very proud to say that our marketing efforts have contributed to some great results, such as:

  • A 119% increase in total site contacts since November 2019
  • A 56% increase in total site traffic in the same timeframe

Organic site impressions and organic clicks have also grown tremendously since the McWhorter CNR website launched. Over the past 10 months, Google impressions increased by approximately 10,458% and organic clicks increased by 471%.

To make matters even better, the McWhorter CNR website currently ranks on the first page of search results for over 20 relevant phrases. We’ve made significant SEO progress for many other targeted keywords.

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