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An Innovative Logo Design In Denver For Specialized Services

At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we support companies across all industries through the development of new brands and logos. Recently, our graphic designers were able to work with a company in a unique industry area to create an engaging logo and a starting point for their brand. The company, called Zero Service Vending, came to us looking for a fresh brand design that would not only appeal to their target market but will also stand the test of time. As leading experts in logo design in Denver, our designers at FiG were eager to get started on this branding project.

The Kickoff

Every time that we start a branding project at FiG, we always take the time to get to know our clients on a deeper level first and to learn more about their business. The first thing you need to know about Zero Service Vending is that they’re a one-stop-shop type of business.

Located in the Lower Highlands area of Denver, Zero Service Vending is a trendy retail location that sells food, clothing, and items for your daily necessities, all within a stunning environment that functions as a cool place to hang out. With trendy wall designs that change on a regular basis and contact-free purchases for a better customer experience, this place is a perfect retail stop for everyone.

The Concepting

Once our designers got to know Zero Service Vending better with a more well-rounded understanding of their business, we moved into the concept phase of our logo design process. The conceptual stage is a vital step in our process, as it helps us determine whether we’re heading in the right direction for the client’s logo.

The first concept meeting is all about the feeling that we are hoping to portray in the logo design. In this stage, we typically present five different concept directions, all in paragraph text, that are aligned with the unique qualities and services of the client. These concepts essentially help us cut down the virtually limitless number of design options to just a few concrete directions. Zero Service Vending had three strong directions they wanted us to explore, so we were able to quickly move onto the next design phase.

The Initial Designs

With the concepts selected, it was time to bring those ideas to life through creative expression. Our experienced design team quickly set to work developing mock-ups that were unique, impactful, and in line with the value proposition of Zero Service Vending.

The first logo design concept explored the 1940s and 1950s style of hand lettering. This mock-up played off the idea of positioning Zero Service Vending as a vintage service station in the modern era. The clean typography would give Zero Service Vending a distinctive, yet classic feel for a business that could stand the test of time.

The second logo design concept focused on the ancient tale of good versus evil. When going to Zero Service Vending, customers will be faced with the age-old decision of healthy food versus junk food, as the business has such a wide variety of products. We wanted to expand on that split decision with a design that would encourage customers to choose both sides.

The final logo design concept played off the “Zero” in the brand name as a number. This concept allowed us to creatively explore the number zero and the shape itself, but also the idea behind zero being an infinite circle which represents the endless services and options that are offered at Zero Service Vending. Our design team developed three initial mock-ups to present as talking points for the directions we wanted to head in next.

The Final Designs

Following a great initial design meeting, Zero Service Vending let us know they loved all three of our logo designs. While we aim for that kind of client satisfaction with each branding project, we know it doesn’t happen with each client. If a client is ever “on-the-fence” about any of our mock-ups, we continue the discussion to make sure we are all on the same page before moving forward into the next design phase.

The owners of Zero Service Vending thought over our designs and decided to move forward with the vintage hand lettering concept. They loved our initial logo design so much that at our next design meeting, they only asked for a few slight tweaks to the design. We happily added in a highlight point to the design and gently rounded out the lettering slightly, and we landed on their winning Zero Service Vending logo design in Denver.

Selecting The Colors

Our final step in the design process was to select the logo color scheme. And the colors are arguably the most important step for any logo design. As design pros at Business Insider note, the colors of a logo can have a powerful influence over your emotions. Colors can make a business feel sleek and professional, powerful and luxurious, or hopeful and trustworthy. And when it comes to colors, the options are endless.

So, when choosing colors for Zero Service Vending, we wanted to take their physical environment and unique product offerings into consideration. We then presented the client with five color different palettes that complemented those extra variables. Each color palette was made up of six colors within their color story. The six colors of each palette were intended to be the colors for the entire brand, but not all six of those colors would be present in the logo.

In most logo design projects that we take on, we normally present logos in the design phase with black and white color schemes. We make that decision because your logo shouldn’t rely on colors to be recognized by your target customers, so the design needs to stand out on its own. For Zero Service Vending, we felt like the final logo was actually strongest in the black and white color scheme that we originally presented, and our client agreed.

The finalized logo design in Denver for Zero Service Vending.
The final logo design for Zero Service Vending.

With the right color scheme selected, we finalized the logo design for Zero Service Vending (see above). Our designers aimed to provide them with the best logo design experience possible, and we feel we’ve achieved exactly that. Through our collaborative and highly detailed multi-step design process, we know that our designers developed the most appropriate, memorable, and engaging logo for Zero Service Vending.

Upgrade Your Logo Design In Denver With FiG

We are always thrilled to work with clients as great as Zero Service Vending and we strive to deliver the same results to anyone that comes to our agency. Our branding professionals have years of design experience under their belts and we’re always eager to leverage our industry expertise to support small businesses. If you’re looking for an easy logo design process or you’re interested in a full branding experience, then look no further than FiG.

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