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Boosting A Top Brokerage Via Search Engine Marketing In Denver

In Denver’s highly competitive commercial real estate market, agents and brokers alike need all the support they can get to gain an upper hand. We aimed to provide that kind of market advantage to Fountainhead Commercial when, after completing their initial award-winning brand development, we launched a digital marketing campaign in spring 2019. Fountainhead Commercial Founder, Lowrey Burnett, was just getting his business started, and was eager to leverage our marketing expertise to hit the ground running. As leading experts in brand development and search engine marketing in Denver, FiG was happy to help Fountainhead find their footing.

As our marketing campaign began over a year and a half ago, and we wanted to share the progress we’ve made thus far for this commercial real estate brokerage. We’re incredibly proud of the results we’ve achieved up to this point and we can’t wait to see where Fountainhead Commercial will go next.

Services Recap: Brand Development And Website Design

When we began our partnership with Fountainhead Commercial, Burnett was in the final steps of getting the brokerage up-and-running. Every emerging business needs to have a strong brand identity right from the get-go, especially if they hope to achieve quick success. We were eager to leverage our branding expertise and help develop an appropriate logo design for Fountainhead.

Thanks to our iterative design process, our designers worked closely and collaboratively with Burnett to land on a logo design that accurately represented his company. Not only did we make sure that the brand design was representative of their services, values, and expertise, we strived to incorporate the cultural influences that have inspired and guided Burnett throughout his career.

The Fountainhead Commercial logo, the first branding step for our search engine marketing in Denver.
The finished logo design for Fountainhead Commercial.

Once the Fountainhead brand was finalized, we then moved into the next step of our partnership: the website design. As one of the top Denver web design agencies, we were thrilled to develop this custom website from scratch.

Our main emphasis with this site design was on the user experience (UX). We wanted to make sure that the site was not only easy to navigate, but it also needed to retain visitors and encourage them to engage with the commercial brokerage. That’s why we focused on implementing a number of custom features and responsive elements on the site, in addition to a wealth of well-positioned selling points (e.g., case studies, client testimonials, commercial partners, etc.).

We additionally integrated appropriate imagery and icons across the site for a strong and cohesive brand identity. Our designers and content writers placed strategic CTAs and locally optimized content throughout the site to capitalize upon organic site traffic. As we wrapped up the site design, our web design specialists made sure that the overall design was fully optimized for both search engines and mobile devices as well.

A screenshot of the Fountainhead Commercial website
A screenshot of the new and improved Fountainhead Commercial website.

The new Fountainhead Commercial website officially launched in May of 2019. Since then, we are incredibly proud to announce that FiG has received two Platinum MarCom awards for our work on the Fountainhead Commercial website.

Ongoing Search Engine Marketing In Denver

As we mentioned earlier, our SEO specialists fully optimized the Fountainhead Commercial site upon launch for a variety of relevant commercial real estate keywords. With a solid foundation of SEO best practices in place on the site, we then began to publish monthly blog content for Fountainhead. These articles have been fully optimized for human readers first and search engines second, so that the site will effectively retain visitors and acquire more quality leads each month.

In tandem to our SEO services, we have been strategically running pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns via text-based and display mediums. Our PPC specialists conducted in-depth research to pinpoint the right keywords to target in the very competitive real estate market of Denver.

We have worked diligently to ensure that no portion of Fountainhead’s advertising budget has been wasted on poorly targeted or underdeveloped PPC ad campaigns. Everything from the ad copy and design to the negative keywords were scrutinized and meticulously developed, so that the ads would continue to attract qualified leads. And we are very proud of the results our PPC ads have delivered for Fountainhead Commercial.

Key SEM Performance Metrics

Over the past year and a half, FiG has achieved some significant results for Fountainhead Commercial from our SEM strategies. Since July 2019, our search engine marketing tactics have led to:

  • A 152.99% increase year-over-year in total site traffic.

  • A 1,837.50% increase year-over-year in organic search visitors.

  • And a 2,248% increase year-over-year in total organic impressions.

To top it all off, our paid search and display ads have played a key role in our terrific traffic stats. In fact, over 50% of all sessions on the Fountainhead site over the past year came from our PPC campaigns, and those sessions have accounted for approximately 73% of our site conversions. We have additionally witnessed significant improvements in the search engine rankings for Fountainhead Commercial, as the site is now well positioned on the first page of search results for numerous commercial real estate queries.

We’re quite thrilled with these results that we’ve achieved for Fountainhead Commercial. As our blossoming partnership grows, we are excited to see how our digital marketing efforts continue to benefit our friends at Fountainhead.

So, stay tuned for future updates!

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