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Achieving Stellar Results With A Custom Web Design In Denver

In spring of 2019, our agency began a partnership with an innovative business called Braincode Centers. Previously named NeurOptimize, Braincode Centers offers cutting edge treatments and non-invasive therapies to support and improve mental health conditions and disorders. Our partnership was kicked off by the creation of a new custom web design in Denver for their business. From there, we have leveraged our expert digital marketing services to further improve the virtual reach of their business. We’re proud to say that we’ve risen to the challenge and achieved great results for our client throughout our partnership.

Summarizing Braincode Centers’ Custom Web Design and Digital Marketing

Braincode Centers initially approached FiG for digital marketing services as they were dissatisfied with their current provider. Between the insufficient performance and the nonresponsive web designers, the mental health pros at Braincode Centers knew it was time for a change. As one of best Denver web design firms, FiG was happy to step in and redesign the Braincode Centers website.

Our web designers are adept at developing fully customized websites for our clients. We first restructured the sitemap into a more intuitive structure and then redesigned the page layouts to be more consistent, more engaging, and easier-to-read. We improved the site navigation with sidebar features and we optimized the site content with relevant keywords that were localized to their various offices. To top off their custom web design in Denver, we made sure that Braincode Centers had input and control at every step of the design process.

The redesigned website for Braincode Centers officially launched in May of 2019 and since then we have received an Honorable Mention from the MarCom Awards for Best Web Design. By using heat mapping software, we have been able to improve the user experience (UX) and convert more site visitors into qualified leads. Our team has also continued to publish monthly blogs and SEO content on the company site to steadily improve their search engine rankings.

As our partnership has progressed, our digital marketers have executed a variety of social media marketing campaigns. These strategies have relied on a mixture of video marketing efforts and paid advertising initiatives to gain additional social media followers and increase consumer interest in their services. We have also implemented a number of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns on Google to capture more relevant in-bound leads for the website.

We have additionally led the charge on marketing automation strategies for Braincode Centers, with a focus on their monthly newsletter and campaigns to increase their repeat and referral business.

Adaptative Services For Uncertain Times

2020 has been a turbulent year, as plenty of small businesses have experienced hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to Colorado’s stay-at-home order, many of the Braincode Centers locations had been forced to temporarily shut their doors. To adapt to these hard times, Braincode Centers expanded their services to include telehealth support. Our marketers at FiG were more than happy to help spread the word about these new services.

We made adjustments to the search engine optimization of the Baincode Centers website to appeal to those in need of telehealth services. In addition, we refocused our content marketing strategy on various social media channels to showcase their telehealth capabilities and the benefits of the therapy option. As consumers have begun to venture out of their homes, we have continued to market their telehealth options for those who feel more comfortable getting help remotely.

Key Performance Metrics

We are very pleased to announce that our marketing efforts for Braincode Centers have proved to be fruitful! Since June 2019, we have witnessed:

custom web design denver results
A snapshot of the Braincode Centers website traffic.
  • A 97.6% increase YOY in total leads captured.
  • A 44% increase YOY in monthly site impressions.
  • An 18.7% increase YOY in monthly site clicks.

We have additionally seen great improvements in our PPC efforts, as our ad conversion rate has risen to 5.2% from just 0.3% with the previous vendor. This metric change demonstrates that we’ve improved our ad targeting strategies and that we’re reaching the right people with our PPC ads.

We also believe that these statistics indicate our SEO strategy is on the right track for Braincode Centers. Throughout the past year, we’ve seen some staggering rises in our targeted keywords for the client website and we expect these numbers to continue improving as our partnership grows.

Ongoing Support

While we’re proud of the results we’ve received for Braincode Centers over the past year and a half, we know there is still plenty of room for growth. Soon enough, consumers will regain their confidence and slowly return to some semblance of their pre-pandemic behaviors. We’ll be ready to build upon this growing demand through our continued SEO services, email marketing strategies, and social media campaigns.

Stay tuned for more impressive results later down the line!

Achieve Better Results With A Custom Web Design In Denver

In our digital-centric era, your business website is your company’s strongest asset. You deserve to have a site that consistently drives high-quality leads to you. A digital marketing strategy combined with a custom website design is the perfect way to accomplish exactly that. At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we specialize in designing highly customized sites that deliver stronger ROIs for small and mid-sized businesses. We’ll leverage the best web design trends and your custom elements to optimize the profitability of your business.

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