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Spurring Hope With A Smart Social Media Strategy In Denver

In the spring of 2018, FiG helped a long-time client start a new and exciting venture called Hope N Wellness. Their new business operates an online affiliate of Metagenics supplements. The organization was founded to help provide Americans easy access to high-quality supplements to ultimately improve their health and well-being. The marketing team at FiG has worked diligently over the past 2 years to improve the online visibility of Hope N Wellness. Thanks to our social media strategy in Denver, we’ve achieved that goal.

A Synopsis Of Our Work With Hope N Wellness

Our partnership with Hope N Wellness originally began because a client of ours wanted to branch out into another business. Dr. Gregory Funk of Ideal Health Chiropractic had realized that many of his patients were failing to meet their nutritional needs. His clients weren’t the only ones. Millions of Americans struggle to achieve proper nutrition on a daily basis. Dr. Funk wanted to support the nutritional needs of his clients and others by providing easy access to affordable and highly effective supplements. FiG was more than happy to lend a helping hand.

A graphic about our successful social media strategy in Denver for Hope N Wellness.

The design team at FiG started from scratch and first designed the HopeNWellness brand. From there, we went on to design the affiliate marketing website for Hope N Wellness which we have routinely updated with new blog content. Our SEO specialists have put in the work and we’ve witnessed some significant results in the site’s organic search traffic. And we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the SEO possibilities for Hope N Wellness.

As the Hope N Wellness brand has begun to take off, we have started to shift our marketing focus. While we will continue to improve the SEO rankings for Hope N Wellness, we are now prioritizing our social media strategy in Denver. These renewed efforts have already generated some great results for our affiliate marketing efforts.

Results Of Our Social Media Strategy In Denver

Any start-up business will say the same thing about their progress: “Results take time.”Another graphic demonstrating our success as a social media marketing firm for Hope N Wellness. Start-up businesses hardly ever go from 0 followers to a million overnight. It takes a great deal of strategic planning and social media work to gain that kind of traction. Hope N Wellness has been no exception to this digital marketing rule.

Our social media strategy in Denver has taken some time to deliver results. The marketing budget for Hope N Wellness has been tight from the start, as it always is with start-up businesses. Dr. Funk has been wise enough to devote portions of the Hope N Wellness proceeds to his marketing efforts.

Over time, FiG has been able to invest greater amounts into the Hope N Wellness Facebook ad campaigns. These strategic advertising efforts have been designed to increase the national following of Hope N Wellness. That larger audience will deliver greater results for our future social media campaigns.

Another graphic depicting our social media progress as a social media marketing firm in Denver.

As of writing this article, our social media marketing firm has seen some very impressive results from our social ad campaigns. Over the past 4 months, HopeNWellness has witnessed:

  • A monthly average increase of 367% in followers/likes.

  • A monthly average increase of 16.88% in site visitors via social media.

  • A quarterly increase of 52% in organic post reach.

  • And an average monthly engagement rate of 4.94%.

Thanks to our social media advertising efforts, the number of Hope N Wellness followers has skyrocketed. Their organic Facebook posts are now reaching a far greater amount of people than ever before. We’ve effectively increased their brand visibility and brand awareness across the U.S. In addition, a good chunk of those new followers are visiting the Hope N Wellness website, which may lead to an increase in sales.

A graphic for this case study on our successful social media strategy in Denver for Hope N Wellness.

As time goes on, we will refocus future social ad campaigns to direct more people to the online store to boost company sales. Our social media marketing firm will continue to improve the social advertising strategies for Hope N Wellness to lead to a greater ROI.

Ongoing Affiliate Marketing Efforts

Our work with Hope N Wellness is nowhere near finished. We know that we still have plenty to offer this unique business and we’re more than happy to provide our expert marketing services.

The SEO specialists at FiG will continue to leverage SEO best practices to improve the search engine rankings for Hope N Wellness. We’ll focus on creating informative and engaging content that will fit perfectly into our social media strategy. FiG will also work diligently to further engage with and develop the social following for Hope N Wellness.

All of our ongoing digital marketing efforts are ultimately designed to further the mission of Hope N Wellness. The organization strives to provide Americans with the optimal nutritional support that they need to live happier and healthier lives. We’ll keep putting our best foot forward to help the organization meet that mission at every turn.

A quote from the article displayed over a social media feed. It reads, 'Thanks to our social media advertising efforts, the number of Hope N Wellness followers has skyrocketed.'

Improve Your Social Media Strategy In Denver

Everyone at FiG is incredibly proud of our achievements with Hope N Wellness and we’re always eager for another challenge. FiG Advertising + Marketing operates as a top social media marketing firm in Denver. Whether you’re looking to increase your social followings or drive more social traffic to your site, we can develop the social ads that fit your needs. We’ll leverage the best practices across all social media platforms to provide the best benefits for your brand.

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