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Handyman Business Partners with a Top Social Media Agency in Denver

Franchising Operations See Improved Lead Generation with Social Media Marketing in Denver

In today's digital age, if you want to reach a wide audience, you must have some kind of presence on social media with a targeted strategy. Social media has become a powerful tool for companies to connect with their target market(s) and increase their customer base. At our social media agency in Denver, we’ve helped all kinds of small businesses turn social media into another effective marketing channel for their lead generation efforts.

By leveraging customized social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, we have been able to effectively engage with potential customers and showcase our clients' services, resulting in impressive growth across multiple areas. And we have achieved similar great results for the franchising efforts of our client, Ace Handyman Services.

Get to Know Ace Handyman Services

You may be aware of Ace Hardware and the Ace brand in general, but have you heard of Ace Handyman Services? Originally established in 1998 as “Handyman Matters,” the business was acquired by Ace Hardware in 2019 and rebranded as Ace Handyman Services. This arm of the Ace brand has been working to make significant changes to the home improvement industry.

The goal at Ace Handyman Services is to offer dependable home repair and handyman service to customers that is affordable, flexible, and reliable. As a franchising business, they provide a dedicated space for skilled craftsmen to work and assist their owners in building wealth through franchising opportunities. FiG has been widely recognized as a top provider of social media marketing in Denver, which contributed to the start of our partnership with Ace Handyman Services, which began in April of 2022. Our partnership started to drive more leads to sell franchises in local territories and gain traction for the online entrepreneurial communities. 

Social Strategy Overview

We have been collaborating closely with the Ace Handyman Services team for well over a year to create amazing organic and paid social media content and campaigns that perfectly captures their brand identity and messaging. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our content speaks to our target audience of prospective franchise owners by speaking to corporate benefits, highlighting successful owners, and more. The strategic organic calendar has focused on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to target and reach specific entrepreneurial audiences.

Our curated social media calendar is a treasure trove of interesting content! From shining the spotlight on amazing owners, to answering commonly asked questions about franchising, and delving into franchising pain points - we showcase a great variety of topics through organic posts. Through our value-add content strategy, we have positioned Ace as a desirable business investment within the franchise industry, fostering unwavering trust with aspiring owners.

In addition to the organic calendar, we have ongoing paid promotions running for Ace Handyman Services too. We stress this dual-pronged approach because organic posts have limited reach. These ads are updated and swapped out consistently to test messaging and optimize ad rotations for continuous lead generation.

As a leading provider of social media marketing in Denver, our approaches are constantly evolving and never boring! We regularly review and improve our strategies to optimize social media marketing results for Ace. By staying ahead of the game and embracing a proactive approach, we effortlessly navigate the ever-changing social media universe, guaranteeing our efforts are always finely tuned for maximum impact.

Driving Measurable Results

Over the past year since the start of our partnership with Ace Handyman Services, our social media marketing efforts have delivered plenty of outstanding results, with notable improvements in lead generation and social media engagement. Comparing the month of June year-over-year, the franchising website for Ace Handyman Services has experienced an impressive 152% increase in social media traffic and a remarkable 500% increase in goal completions through social channels.

Additionally, the company's Facebook page following has grown by 127% year-over-year, as we continue to foster an engaged and loyal community. We should also note that on LinkedIn post likes have skyrocketed by 423% year-over-year, showcasing how the content is resonating with their target audiences and attracting potential customers.

Overall, this well-executed social media strategy has not only driven more leads but also positioned the company as a reliable and customer-centric service provider in the industry, which should benefit future franchise sales. We’ll continue to optimize our social media strategy for Ace Handyman Services and can’t wait to see where our partnership goes next.

Generate Meaningful Leads with the Help of a Social Media Agency in Denver

At Real FiG Advertising + Marketing, we aim to create, implement, and oversee customized social media strategies that deliver real results. Through carefully crafted organic and paid campaigns, we can help your business reach the right audience, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions. With proven success demonstrated by our partnership with Ace Handyman Services, our social media agency in Denver takes a results-driven approach that can work wonders for your bottom line. 

If your business is looking to generate more meaningful leads, reach out to us to explore how we can assist you.